Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

For those of you that were waiting for the next big event in Destiny 2, good news. The Season of Dawn event has finally arrived, just in time for the holidays.

Bungie announced today that the event has gone live, along with some new content for players to enjoy. There’s something here for both Season Pass players and those enjoying its general content, so let’s break down what everyone gets.

What Season Pass holders receive

First off, Season Pass holders can get their hands on the new Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry. They can also take advantage of a new Exotic Emote, as well as a new Ghost, Ornament, and Finisher.

Players can also take advantage of the new 6-player Sundial activity. A handful of new Exotic Quests will be on hand, harboring Seasonal Armor Sets and Ornaments. There will be additional Triumphs, Bounties, and Seasonal Lore Books on hand as well.

Finally, players can look forward to several Season Pass rewards to unlock.

What do all Destiny 2 players get?

As far as what all players will be able to take advantage of, the Season of Dawn brings quite a bit. A variety of Seasonal Rank Awards await, along with a new Artifact: the Lantern of Osiris. Players will be able to lend the Osiris a hand by restoring Obelisks across four destinations.

There will also be a new Seasonal Armor Set, Righteous, to unlock, and players can gain the Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry, through Seasonal ranks.

The Season of Dawn trailer provides a better idea of what players can expect in this new update. Oh, and did we mention Saint-14 is coming back? Because that’s good news for a lot of you Destiny 2 veterans.

Destiny 2 is available now. You can download it from Steam here, either free or with the Upgrade Edition.

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