Jumping Puzzle: Secret Raid Chest 1

    The first jumping puzzle in the Garden of Salvation raid is in the Undergrowth. This cavernous area has numerous “push blocks” that can hamper your path, though the entire area can be easily navigated.

    Secret Chest:

    Garden of Salvation’s first secret chest can be found here. It rewards you with mods for the raid and even some raid armor pieces.

    Jumping Puzzle 1 Divinity Exotic Quest

    When you see the mini-elevator block (the one that goes up and down), jump on top it and look for a cubbyhole.

    Jumping Puzzle 1 Divinity Exotic Quest Secret Chest

    The Divinity exotic quest puzzle 2

    The Divinity’s second puzzle is in this area. It’s off to the far right section of the cavern where you’d see roots that you can jump on. The tether has to be activated and players need to make each crystal along the roots light up.

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