Garden of Salvation: Encounter 3 – Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent

    The Consecrated Mind reappears in the Garden of Salvation raid. This time around, it’s got loads of friends to challenge you in the raid’s third encounter.

    The third encounter actually picks up where you left off. Activating the tether box and connecting it to the middle conflux spawns the boss (so be sure to stay away from the middle of the chamber so the thing doesn’t kill you). The Consecrated Mind has its normal harpy machine gun-like attacks that don’t hurt too bad. The problem would be numerous things going on at the same time.

    Lots and lots of Vex mobs will spawn to overrun you. These include goblins, minotaurs, and supplicants (exploding harpies). None of these mobs swarming the middle are shielded so there’s no Enlightened buff needed, and none are Overload or Barrier-powered.

    Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Garden Of Salvation Full Raid Guide Encounter 3 Consecrated Mind Sanctified Mind Boss Fight

    Gambit Team (3 players): Add-clearing and motes

    Anyway, killing the minotaurs will cause them to drop motes. Yes, it’s just like Gambit. Hopefully, your team listens whenever the Drifter told you to “bank those motes!” You want to pick up five motes and then bank them. Although none of the middle area mobs are shielded/immune, the ones that spawn near the active conflux will be. That’s why you’ll need to defend the conflux by killing the shielded mobs.

    The conflux you’ll need to bank your motes into is in another part of the chamber, the one that has a pillar of light. Head over there when you’ve got five motes and bank them. Here’s what happens when you bank your motes:

    • You gain the Enlightened buff which lets you kill shielded Vex that’ll spawn and make for that conflux.
    • You start charging that conflux to begin the DPS phase. Players need to bank 30 motes to fully charge the conflux.

    The process is: Kill minotaur -> collect motes -> bank motes -> gain Enlightened buff -> defend conflux from shielded Vex. As such, you want the Gambit team’s players to alternate mote collection so you’ll only have one person carrying motes all the time in order to bank/defend and relieve the previous player.

    There’s also another reason why you want to time these accordingly. That’s because banking motes causes supplicants (exploding harpies) to spawn, and they are very deadly.


    When the first player has banked five motes, the other two players from the Gambit team may collect up to 10 motes (the maximum you can hold). The Enlightened buff lasts 45 seconds which should be enough time for the next player to collect and bank/defend.

    Encounter 2 Banking Motes

    Boss Team (3 players): Chasing the Voltaic Charge and calling out the eyes

    The Consecrated Mind will still spew out its Voltaic Charge. Remember what happened back in the Garden of Salvation raid’s first encounter? Someone needs to run through each charge on the ground, otherwise, it’ll cause a wipe.

    This boss fight takes place in a large chamber, and the Consecrated Mind will still try to run away from you. The goal is to keep following it and calling out when it’s about to spew that charge so that it can get picked up.

    The difference in this encounter is that picking up the Voltaic Charge will detain you, and you won’t be able to move at all. In order to escape, you need to look directly at the Consecrated Mind to spot the “eyes”  (a la Riven from Last Wish) that light up in bright red colors.

    The Consecrated Mind has two sets of three eyes each. Three are on the “inside” closer to its center, and three are on the “outside” on its wing flaps. If you’re detained, you need to say if the red eyes are “inside” or “outside.”

    A single player won’t be able to shoot all three quickly enough, so you need your teammates to help you. Ideally, if you’re detained, you shoot the topmost eye while your two other teammates will shoot the left and right eyes. If someone shoots the wrong eye, the detained player dies. If the correct set of eyes were destroyed, the detained player will have the Voltaic debuff (and should not pick up another charge until their timer runs out lest they die).

    Encounter 3 Consecrated Mind Eyes

    Dividing the fireteam

    The group has to be divided into two groups of three players each:

    • The first team will focus on killing all the mobs, picking up the motes, and banking them. As much as possible, the others who aren’t part of this team must avoid accidentally picking up the motes.
    • The second team will focus on chasing the Consecrated Mind, grabbing the Voltaic Charge, getting detained/shooting the eyes. It takes around a minute or so for the boss to fire off another charge, which means the second team can also help clear mobs.
    • Be sure to call out if the boss is running further away so the second team can chase it down in case it fires off a charge in an area that’s far away.


    Assuming that all three players in the boss-chasing team have the Voltaic Overflow debuff and could not pick up another charge, it’s fine to sacrifice one person to prevent a wipe.

    The DPS Phase

    The DPS phase begins when the conflux is filled with motes. The Consecrated Mind will make its way there. Set up accordingly by readying your Weapons of Light and Well of Radiance. When the boss reaches you, it’ll have all six eyes light up. Destroy these and it’ll open its glowing central core. This is when you blast it with everything you have.

    But, that’s not all, the Consecrated Mind, unlike most Destiny 2 raid bosses you’ve gotten used to, does like to keep moving. It’ll keep backing away from you so just chase it down and keep shooting. Drop an additional Well of Radiance if you want to.

    When the DPS phase is done, you’ll just repeat the previous mechanics. The boss will enrage after four phases.


    It seems it’s possible to slow down the movement of the Consecrated Mind by using the Nightstalker’s tether.


    I guess we can just call the Garden of Salvation raid as Destiny 2: Shadowkeep‘s “Recluse” moment. With numerous Vex mobs, including minotaurs, it’s the best mob-clearing weapon you have. As for the damage phase, you’ll want exotics such as Izanagi’s Burden or Whisper of the Worm.

    If you already have it, then one player using the Divinity can apply the debuff (which stacks on top of the tether or melting point). The Titan’s Void suppression grenade plus the Oppressive Darkness mod will also apply a debuff to the boss.


    Warlocks should have Well of Radiance. Titans will use the Ward of Dawn bubble for Weapons of Light. Lastly, there should be at least one Nightstalker with tether for the mobs. If you’ve got multiple Titans and Hunters, then you should have some Sunbreakers for Melting Point and Gunslingers for Golden Guns.

    The Divinity exotic quest puzzles 3 and 4:

    You might be in a hurry to complete your Garden of Salvation clear in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, but hold your horses. There are two puzzles for you to solve here relating to the Divinity exotic trace rifle.

    Encounter 3 Divinity Exotic Quest


    It won’t be a Destiny 2 raid if there wasn’t a cheese. It’s actually possible to cheese the Consecrated Mind boss fight. All you need to do is have a Nightstalker throw a smoke grenade down a specific corridor. If the boss makes its way there, it’ll accidentally fall down the ledge and you’ll be rewarded your loot. Take a look at this video from the Cheese Forever channel on YouTube:

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