The Devil in Me: Fastest way to kill all characters

The Devil In Me Fastest Ways To Kill Characters Earliest Deaths
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As with other titles in The Dark Pictures Anthology, it’s possible for every character to die in The Devil in Me. Still, some might meet their doom early on, while others have plot armor so thick it would make medieval knights envious. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you with the fastest way to kill all characters in the game.

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Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers. Lastly, for all the brutal moments, you can take a look at our character deaths/dumb ways to die guide.


The Devil in Me character deaths guide – Fastest way to kill all characters

If we’re talking about the fastest way to kill all characters in The Devil in Me, then we’ll have to take note of the ones who are offed rather early, and those who are guaranteed to make it close to the end:

  • Erin and Charlie are your fodder characters. They have the most number of possible deaths.
  • Jamie and Kate are your either-or characters. There’s a point in the game where one of them could die, or both could survive. Assuming one of them gets killed early, the other will take her counterpart’s place in succeeding chapters.
  • Mark, as far as I can tell, has the thickest plot armor of all.


  • Earliest death – Blackout
  • Choose to attack Du’Met. Erin will strike him with her tool, but he’ll barely flinch. He’ll stab her in the throat.
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  • Earliest death – Ignition
  • Choose to force the door open and fail. Charlie will get burned to a crisp.
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  • Earliest death – Director’s Suite
  • This is discussed in detail in our Glass Trap guide. Basically, the wall could either crush Kate or Jamie. Pick the “Apologetic” response here, but don’t press the button. Jamie will end up getting squashed.
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Mark and Kate

  • Earliest deaths – Director’s Suite (Kate) and Ultimatum/Lake (Mark and Kate)
  • Mark has several possible death scenes during the Lake finale, which is akin to the main branch or canon version of the finales. All you need to do is fail the QTEs while he’s reaching for the axe, or when he’s being pushed toward the blade.
  • However, there’s one particular scene that comes from the Masked premonition. It shows Mark suffocating while inside a chamber. This comes from the Ultimatum finale, an alternate branch of sorts.
  • It requires Erin, Charlie, and Jamie to die well before the Lighthouse chapter. You can let them get eliminated as cited in the examples above, or find a different method (i.e., Jamie gets an axe to the head while attempting to save the dog or Charlie is left for dead as part of the Guilty achievement). This ensures that only Mark and Kate are left.
  • Once you enter the lighthouse’s second-floor bedroom as Kate, choose to check Mark’s body. Both will end up captured by Du’Met.
  • In the Ultimatum chapter, choose the “Defiant” and “Hostile” replies. Kate will die after acid is poured inside her body, while Mark succumbs to poison gas.
  • Conversely, you can agree to Du’Met’s nefarious plans. The next scenes will take a bit longer, since it shows Mark pretending to be the next eccentric owner to lure new tourists. However, both of them will get sniped as they attempt to escape.

Note: Finding the fastest way to kill all characters in The Devil in Me won’t necessarily matter if you’re going for the Unhappy Ending achievement. During the Lake finale, Du’Met will still attack everyone on the boat. Just fail the QTEs there and the heroes will all end up dead one way or another. Heck, maybe you can even make the dog the sole survivor of the whole ordeal.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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