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There are two branches near the end of The Devil in Me‘s campaign. One, in particular, will lead to a ferocious battle on a boat. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you with the Lake finale and all the QTEs that are required for survival.

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me Lake finale guide

The Lake finale in The Devil in Me can be considered as the ideal path since it leads to the good and best endings. We outline the steps for you to reach it.

Lighthouse chapter

Mark will always survive up to this point. The lighthouse itself has several secrets/collectibles, including a tape recorder that exonerates Charlie of any involvement in case you didn’t go for the Guilty achievement. You may also pick up the boat key in a room.

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  • The main goal here is to restore power to the lighthouse and activate the beam. Head to the top of the building, shimmy across the gap, pull the lever, and press the button on the panel. After getting the lighthouse to work, Mark will see Kate (along with other survivors). However, he doesn’t realize that Du’Met is behind him.
  • Kate, if she’s alive, will explore the interior. Once she enters the room on the second floor, two things can happen:
    • If other characters are still alive, they’ll whack Du’Met. Your entire crew will make their escape. Assuming Kate died, Erin will be the one to save Mark.
    • If the other characters are already dead, Kate has to choose between investigating the door or helping Mark. Choose to investigate the door and pass the QTE sequence.

Lake chapter: The policeman and the dog

In any case, all remaining survivors will head to the pier. A policeman (i.e., Salim’s character model) who saw the lighthouse’s beacon will show up.

  • The cop sees the corpses of Morello (aka. the fake Du’Met) and his daughter. The heroes try to warn him. Unfortunately, Du’Met chops off his hand and guts him.
  • Whoever the player character is (i.e., Kate, Jamie, or Erin) has to tell Mark to reach for the gun. The weapon will fall into the water, but Mark will grab the pepper spray instead.
  • Additionally, if you kept Connie the dog alive, the little fella will hop along and join you for a boat ride.

Lake chapter: Battle on the Boat

Just when you thought the coast is clear, Du’Met surprises everyone. There are multiple QTE sequences here, and failure can lead to instant deaths.

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Here are the key moments:

  • Connie the dog – The dog will automatically bite Du’Met and get thrown overboard. Don’t worry since he’ll swim to shore.
  • Erin – Pass the button-press QTE or she’s dead.
  • Charlie – Pass the button-press QTE or he’s dead.
  • Jamie – Choose to jump overboard. If you decide to fight, you need to pass the QTE check and stab Du’Met with the screwdriver. If you mess up, she’ll die.
  • Mark – Pass the QTE to grab the axe, then aim-and-chop to hit the killer, followed by a button-mashing moment. Failure here leads to Mark’s demise.
  • Kate – Du’Met will attempt to push Mark straight to the axe’s blade. Choose to attack and pass the aim-and-hit moment. Otherwise, Mark gets impaled instantly.
  • Mark – Mash the required button. Then, when you see the inventory icon, use the pepper spray. Succeed in the next QTE and Du’Met will get whacked by the anchor.
  • Mark and Kate – Last but not least, press the correct button when prompted so the two can jump off the boat before it crashes and explodes.

All right, that does it for the Lake finale in The Devil in Me. Hopefully, all your characters are still around. Next up in our guide series, we’ll talk about the Ultimatum chapter/alternate finale and the ending scenes/variations.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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