Devolver Digital have amassed quite the impressive collection of games in a relatively short period of time, and that very catalogue is currently part of a Steam weekend sale. I know, Thursday isn’t the weekend. Steam is weird like that.

Since publishing Hotline Miami back in 2012, Devolver have expanded beyond their Serious Sam comfort zone into (primarily) slightly offbeat and unusual indie titles. Games like Hatoful Boyfriend (pigeon dating), The Talos Principle (philosophical puzzling), Not A Hero (bunny-influenced side scrolling mayhem) and Luftrausers (score attack plane heroics) are all part of the sale line-up with varying discounts.

Check the link above for a full run-down. Some games have 90% off, and even the relatively new Ronin has 40% off the asking price. OlliOlli2 came out just this week, but that has 25% off too.

Devolver Digital also appear to have put together a pretty substantial collection of films, which I’m not really familiar with at all. Men With Beards sounds like a promising title, but I don’t have specific recommendations there.

The sale runs until 18 August (probably at 10am Pacific, that’s the usual cut-off point).

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