Diablo Iv Gameplay Footage Leaked Online

Diablo IV gameplay footage, totaling around 40 minutes, also appears to have leaked

When it rains, it leaks.

It is, oddly, a rough day for two of the most prominent video game developers. Over the weekend, it was confirmed that in-progress gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto VI was leaked into the world. The early video was paired with the hacker’s claims that they also managed to get the game’s source code. But Rockstar isn’t quite alone. According to reports, around 40 minutes of Diablo IV gameplay has been leaked online.

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Information is still scarce, but it’s believed the leaked Diablo IV gameplay footage was taken from a Discord channel. The video is watermarked with the words “Private Test Build,” so it’s believed to have originated from the game’s ‘friends and family’ beta test that’s currently ongoing with in the company. This is actually not the first time gameplay from Diablo IV was leaked online. However, last time it was only around 30 seconds of character customization.


The leaked footage that was discovered today goes far more in-depth. It contains dungeon and overworld exploration, combat, NPC engagement, the inventory and equipment screen, and more. According to VGC, some audio commentary can be heard from two unknown people. “This is not Diablo IV,” one says. The other replies: “It is.” The name of the person streaming the game was heard to be called “Skye.”

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Someone needs to tighten the tap

And it clearly is Diablo IV being played. I mean, there’s no mistaking it for Diablo Immortal, which looks and plays more like Diablo III. The leaked Diablo IV footage contains some placeholder textures, but it contains new mechanics such as climbing ladders.

It’s a massive leak, and the timing certainly is odd. Unlike Rockstar, however, Blizzard hasn’t responded to the footage. Nor does it seem like it’s attempting to remove the video content. However, it can be argued that it’s not as significant as the GTA VI leak from yesterday. Diablo IV was revealed officially during BlizzCon 2019. It’s had three years of development time since then. GTA VI was only just announced this year, and Rockstar wasn’t ready to reveal it fully yet.

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