Diehard Starfield fan built LEGO New Atlantis, and it’s too accurate

Starfield Features New Atlantis
Screenshot: BEthesda

Starfield has been officially out for less than 24 hours and one diehard Starfield fan has already spent 50 hours creating a LEGO New Atlantis, and it looks incredible. Honestly, this New Atlantis build looks like an official Starfield set released by LEGO themselves (and now I’m crossing my fingers for official LEGO Starfield sets).

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This beautiful LEGO Starfield build is brought to us by Taris120 on Reddit. Everything about this New Atlantis LEGO build is perfect. The topography of the mountain and surrounding area features browns, greens, and greys, the skyscrapers look unbelievably accurate, and the landing zone is captured perfectly.

Take a look at Taris120’s LEGO Starfield New Atlantis! Even the picture itself looks like official LEGO box art.

I’ve spent 50 hours on Starfield so far… remaking New Atlantis in Lego
by u/Taris120 in Starfield

The only thing this LEGO Starfield New Atlantis is missing is the Lodge in the back, but it may be hiding back there behind the residential district apartment towers. However, this build does include Pioneer Towers which is where you can find your parents if you have the Kid Stuff Trait.

I got nosey and poked around Taris120’s Instagram, and I recommend you do the same because they have some amazing LEGO builds here. There are a lot of LEGO Battlefield 2042 maps that are also almost too accurate. I would love to have a multiverse LEGO battle on these maps that featured Marvel superheroes, Star Wars fighter ships, and two opposing armies of BF 2042 soldiers.

I really hope the right LEGO people see this incredible creation and reach out to Bethesda and Taris120 to get the ball rolling on official LEGO Starfield sets. Could you imagine a LEGO Starfield Frontier ship model? Or even LEGO Starfield Neon? Much like Starfield itself, the possibilities are endless.

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