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Looking for a guide with some tips to know what to expect before jumping into Dirt 5? We’ve got you covered. It’s not exactly a complicated game, but it’s still worth it to be able to answer any lingering questions that you may have. And without further ado, here we go.

Don’t worry unless you’re a stamp collector

Dirt 5 is a racing game, sure, but you don’t actually need to worry about doing well in your races. You certainly can and should try to do well, but it’s no sweat even if you don’t. Placing higher in races and events grants you some better rewards, but even coming in last will get you some of those. The only real thing to entice players to always aim for top marks is the game’s stamps.

If you get first place or reach the top criteria for an event, you’ll get three stamps. Similarly, if you come in second, you’ll get two stamps. But finishing an event, no matter how badly you do, will still net you a single stamp. Therefore, players of every skill level can progress through the game, no matter what.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s literally no reason to collect stamps. The game counts them and you can see your collection grow on the right side of the career screen. There are 375 stamps in total and they’re a good way to gauge how much of the game you’ve played through. However, if you get every one of them, all you appear to get is an achievement. Therefore, if you don’t care about achievements, you’re not going to care much about stamps. Unless you’re bothered by incomplete numbers, at least.

Time to throw down

The second tab in the career mode is the Throwdown tab. Throwdowns are special one-on-one races that net you more currency and special player card backgrounds. You’ll need to complete hidden requirements in order to unlock these, though. Some of them are unlocked by completing a certain number of event types, but others are more complicated. At any rate, there are a ton of events in Dirt 5 and you’ll unlock some Throwdowns just by playing.

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Don’t forget the sponsor challenges

Each sponsor has three challenges associated with it and you can complete these during events. Doing so will grant you additional rep which will let you rank up that sponsor faster. If you’re trying to get those sponsors leveled up quickly, make sure you do as many challenges as you can. Most are simple and can often be completed just by finishing an event like normal, but some are more specific. They’re all laid out clearly on the left side of the screen and they turn green when you complete them.

Difficulty is completely adjustable

There are multiple difficulty and handling settings in Dirt 5 that can make the game easier or harder as you see fit. I prefer to have the handling set to advanced, but it’ll come down to personal preference. Honestly, even on advanced, the cars are extremely easy to control. Don’t expect to be able to make Dirt 5 like a sim racer or you’ll walk away disappointed.

That’s it for our quick tips. See you out on the offroad tracks.

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Andrew Farrell has an extreme hearing sensitivity called hyperacusis that keeps him away from all loud noises.  Please do not throw rocks at his window.  That is rude.  He loves action and rpg games, whether they be AAA or indie.  He does not like sports games unless the sport is BASEketball. He will not respond to Journey psych-outs.

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