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Developer Gameloft Montreal has announced Disney Dreamlight Valley. The new Disney and Pixar game is a life-sim adventure that enters Early Access this summer. It’ll then launch as a free-to-play game in 2023. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available through PC Game Pass or by buying the Founders Pack on the Xbox Store.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will take PC players on a narrative-based campaign to restore the Dreamlight Valley back to its former glory. Along the way, it seems like there will be plenty of areas to explore inspired by famous Pixar and Disney worlds. Players will also get to interact with iconic characters to help them regain their memories after The Forgetting made them forget and left behind dangerous Night Thorns.


What about gameplay?

Players will get to create and customize their own characters, with hundreds of clothing combinations. On top of that, players can customize their own homes and towns with a variety of potential Disney and Pixar-themed options.

Exploring the Dreamlight Valley will be a key selling point for the game. In this new setting, players can enjoy activities, like cooking and gardening, and they can even build bonds with famous Disney characters, like Simba or Goofy. Bonding with the characters seems to be a substantial part of the experience. Each character will have their own unique story arc and relationship progression to keep track of. Players can improve their relationships with characters by giving presents and through various mini-games linked to each character. For example, gardening will involve interacting with Wall-E, and making a dessert will require interacting with Remy from Ratatouille. As relationships improve and character quests are completed, new areas of the Dreamlight Valley will open up.

Gameloft has said that it will consistently update the game with new free content. Some of that content will tie into new Disney and Pixar movies. Disney Dreamlight Valley sounds promising and is an ideal game for Disney and Pixar fans on PC. We just hope that the inevitable monetization is reasonable.

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