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Does Lies of P have multiplayer? Answered

No little cricket on your shoulder.

Souls-like games don’t really call for multiplayer. However, FromSoftware has proven that they can be improved with it. With the introduction of multiplayer into things like Elden Ring, a lot of the harder battles were able to be conquered alongside a long-suffering buddy, or like the case of ‘Let Me Solo Her’, a demigod. Despite this, the genre usually doesn’t need multiplayer to really shine. Usually, the storyline, detailed and inventive enemies, and worlds are enough for the game to feel complete. Now, with the release of Lies of P, we need to know if the game will also include multiplayer or keep it solo.

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Does Lies of P have multiplayer?

Does Lies of P have multiplayer?

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Nope. There is no option for multiplayer in Lies of P, but I don’t consider this a great loss. Not every game needs to shoehorn in a multiplayer option. However, playing through games with a mate is always a nice option, but sometimes, a game needs to be appreciated alone.

Lies of P is looking to be quite a heavily story-driven game, encouraging world exploration and deep dives into the lore surrounding Pinocchio. With a game that focuses heavily on narrative and questing, the distraction of a friend will only take away from the experience.

Despite the fact that there is no option to play alongside a friend in either couch-coop or online multiplayer in Lies of P, this doesn’t mean you will always be alone. Gameplay footage shows that there is an ability to summon a spirit to aid you in battle. This added specter would work like the summons of Elden Ring to give a multiplayer experience similar to that of having a friend involved.

The news may be a bit disappointing to some who were hoping for a more multiplayer experience on Lies of P. However, I have played a few games in the past with friends, trying to synchronize our games and chatting away on Discord. It makes for some hilarious moments, especially when one person is unsynchronized in a jumpscare-heavy game like Dead Space.

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