Dota 2 launches Nemesis Assassin Event

dota 2 nemesis assassin
These heroes are involved … probably.

Dota 2 is doing a thing and that thing is called the Nemesis Assassin Event, which will run from today through 7 December. Your regular IncGamers Dota 2 correspondent Tim McDonald is trying to finish up Far Cry 4 in a timely manner (or, indeed, a Tim-ly manner) so I’m going to field this one.

I may field it quite poorly. Sorry in advance for not knowing very much about the specifics of Dota 2.

So, this is all tied up with the Foreseer’s Contract stuff Tim’s been writing about earlier in the week. I think. It definitely relates to Phantom Assassin’s Arcana, the Manifold Paradox, because that’s specifically mentioned by name in the update post Valve just put out about this event.

According to Valve’s words: “During each day of the event, contracts will be put out on the life of those heroes listed on Oracle’s Nemesis Registry, and these contracts can either be Fulfilled or Denied during the course of the match.”

If you own the Manifold Paradox, you can “enjoy many custom upgrades to their specialized assassin, including an evolving weapon and a kill marker.” So that’s nice. Don’t worry if you don’t own it though, you can still take part in the event – as long as at least one player in the match has it.

I know this because Valve has also put up an FAQ about the Nemesis Assassin Event, which you can read here. It will provide you with more information about this event than I’m reliably able to.

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