September 5th, 2017

Dota 2’s New Bloom coming tomorrow with a second hero and more features

dota 2 phoenix

Hahaha. Did you think that Terrorblade would be the only hero added in Dota 2‘s New Bloom Festival? You poor, mad fools. We’re getting Phoenix, too, which… is actually thematically appropriate.

As with most heroes, Phoenix has four abilities. Icarus Dive has him swoop forward, slowing and damaging all enemies in his path. Fire Spirits expends his health in order to summon spirits that can be fired at foes to burn them over time. Sun Ray also expends health, but sends out a beam of light that incinerates enemies and heals allies. Finally, Supernova turns him into a “core of fusing energy” which burns nearby enemies and, if it’s not destroyed before it finishes fusing, completely regenerates Phoenix. Which is pretty awesome.

The update will also add in Replay Takeover, which is a pretty fun little feature. Click Takeover when watching any replay and you’ll be put into a lobby where everyone can select one of the heroes hero to play as from that point onwards, letting you try things out for yourself, or attempt to overturn a victory, or whatever.

There are also a few more features and tweaks. Items bought when dead can now be sold during that same death (although all other items cannot, as per usual). Holding ALT and clicking one of your abilities “pings” the state of that ability, letting you quickly indicate if you don’t have the mana for it, or how long is left until it’s off cooldown, or if it’s ready to go. Oh, and highlighting an allied ward now displays its range.

Also: new stuff in the store.

But let’s face it – you’re here for the date. Well, the New Bloom Festival update and Dota 2’s 6.80 patch will be going live tomorrow, and I’m told they’re live on the test client right now. Not long to wait until Terrorblade and Phoenix are in every single All Pick game!

In all seriousness, though, this seems like a pretty great Dota 2 patch. Other than the Year Beast thing we get two new heroes, a fun-looking game mode, and a bunch of tweaks and features that should make play a bit more comfortable. Hooray!

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    • Samurai Turtle

      That replay takeover thing is just silly..

      • fsj

        Not something I’d play either…….but Phoenix…….yay! 😀

    • kurcina

      is it coming out today?

      • Tim McDonald

        That’s apparently the plan!

    • F1n!ty

      Downloading it right now!