Dota 2’s second Immortal set now released

Dota 2’s second Immortal set now released

Those who own the Dota 2 Compendium for this year’s The International tournament can now get their greasy mitts on the second set of Immortal treasures.

It’s been a long time coming, but yes: more hats. The more common items are a staff for Leshrac with a custom Split Earth effect; a generator for Disruptor with a custom Kinetic Field effect; “Basher Blades” for Anti-Mage with custom effects for bash, Mana Break, and Mana Void; some pauldrons for Faceless Void with a custom Time Walk effect; a shield for Sven with a custom War Cry effect; and a helmet for Tinker with a custom March of the Machines effect.

All of them look lovely, but I’m not sure I’m happy about the idea of people being encouraged to play more Tinker or Faceless Void. Haven’t we been through enough of that with the last few patches?

The rarer items are a pair of arms for Shadow Fiend with custom attack effects, and a golden version of the Anti-Mage blades. You can see the animations for all of these items over on the Compendium page.

We’ve also now got our Wyvern Hatchling courier, which looks rather neat. It starts off with an Ice style, and you can unlock a Fire style and a Gold style by upgrading your Compendium to levels 25 and 200, respectively.

Finally, Valve have used this opportunity to announce a new spectator drop system that’ll be taking place throughout TI5, including the (currently running) Qualifiers. Basically: you can now win effigies of a random material, posed with the hero and equipped items of the player responsible for the event that triggered the drop, when watching matches. Live spectators can still win coins, coin charms, and Compendium points, and every Compendium owner has the chance of receiving an effigy celebrating the victorious team whenever a live match ends, even if they’re not watching.

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You can read more about this on the Dota 2 blog.

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