Dragon Ball Xenoverse trailer has eager narrator, PC pre-order extras detailed

dragon ball xenoverse

That’s because the balls are in danger.

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Never have I heard anybody say “The Dragon Balls are in grave peril!” in a more convincing fashion than in this new Dragon Ball Xenoverse trailer. Whoever is narrating this video has the whole “it’s super serious, but I’m also pretty much taking the piss” delivery down to an art form.

Other spoken-word highlights to listen out for: “The hero is Goku … no, IT’S YOU!

Yes, in case you’d forgotten Dragon Ball Xenoverse will (like the last couple of Naruto games) be coming to the PC. Apparently, someone sinister is messing about with the Dragon Ball timeline, which means you have to design a custom ‘outsider’ character who can swoop in and make everything right again. Basically it looks like a chance to mix and match your favourite Dragon Ball type move-sets to your preferred outfit.

There’ll be 1v1 showdowns and 3v3 brawls and … actually it doesn’t show anything beyond that, but the narrator says “the possibilities are limitless” in such a convincing way that I almost believe him. Looks like there’s some competitive multiplayer as well.

The game is getting some pre-order bonuses which, Bandai Namco say, will not be sold afterwards. These are:

  • Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta as a Playable Character
  • 2 exclusive Frieza Soldier’s Battle Suites to customise the players’ Avatars: Gold & Crystal versions!

There will also be a physical Trunk’s Travel Edition with some extra stuff in it, but the PC isn’t getting that.

Here’s the trailer.

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