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The upcoming ‘Bardock – Alone Against Fate’ DLC storyline for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will see a release just three days from now on January 13. To get Dragon Ball fans hyped up for that date, Bandai Namco released one more bombastic trailer for the DLC that boasts over two minutes of cinematics and gameplay. Although this trailer certainly provides plenty of climactic moments, keep in mind that it basically spoils the entire main story. Those still unfamiliar with the story of Goku’s father Bardock will probably want to avoid this trailer along with the rest of this article if they wish to keep it a surprise.

Spoilers ahead

This new trailer features a number of elements from the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC that Bandai Namco only briefly teased previously. For instance, we already knew that the DLC would allow players to explore Planet Vegeta, but we can now see this area in more detail thanks to this trailer. Outside of exploration, the trailer showcases a few snippets of combat gameplay in which Bardock takes on a variety of foes, including Frieza’s army at the end of the story.

As for the trailer’s myriad cutscenes, they depict several key moments adapted from the Bardock – The Father of Goku TV special, including the death of Bardock’s friends and the aforementioned battle against Frieza’s army in space. Additionally, a few of the cutscenes feature a young Prince Vegeta, who also previously appeared in the TV special as well as other Dragon Ball media.

The end of the trailer contains a teaser for the second DLC storyline of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s second season pass. This teaser comes in the form of a silhouette depicting Goku as he appeared in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai arc from the original Dragon Ball. Considering how many Dragon Ball Z retellings we have seen over the years, it will be refreshing to have the original Dragon Ball represented for a change.

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