Dragon's Dogma 2 Lord Of The Rings Character Creation

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are already creating ‘Lord of the Rings’ characters, and the game isn’t even out

The character creator in Dragon’s Dogma 2 has already given us some hilarious combinations online. But a series of creations showcase the absolute power of the creator by recreating various “Lord of the Rings” characters in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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The ‘Lord of the Rings’ cast venture into Dragon’s Dogma 2

Various users on Reddit have posted their impressive creations on Dragon’s Dogma 2. But the most subtly impressive have without a doubt been the recreations of the “Lord of the Rings” characters. Sure, it’s funny to see what abominations can be made in a character creator, but it’s equally cool to see how accurately it can portray different people.

Gandalf the Grey

Dragons Dogma 2 Gandalf Character Creation
Image: u/superbed3 on Reddit

To kick things off we’ve got a scarily accurate rendition of Gandalf the Grey by u/superbed3. It’s genuinely impressive how much this attempt manages to capture Gandalf’s presence. And it’ll feel good pairing this face with one of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s magic classes. There’s a specific Advanced Vocation that’ll do nicely. You could even turn your main Pawn into Gandalf to try and channel some of that ancient wisdom on your journey.


Dragons Dogma 2 Legolas Character Creation
Image: u/Chood88 on Reddit

Everyone’s favorite elven archer is here too of course courtesy of u/CHood88. I’m thinking back to every attempt I’ve seen to make Legolas in a game and I don’t think anyone’s come closer. It’s hard to get his distinctive features right in most character creators, but Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t struggle. Now you can pair your archery vocation alongside the greatest archer in fantasy.


Dragons Dogma 2 Aragorn Character Creation
Image: u/NotTebi14 on Reddit

Aragon, son of Arathorn II also makes an appearance in this roundup thanks to u/NotTebi14. Just like Legolas, it’s hard to get Aragorn’s distinctive features right in a lot of character creators. He’s got a rough edginess to his features that can be hard to replicate. But nearly everything about this look is perfect from the stubble to the shaggy hairstyle and deep cheeks. This may indeed be the character I try to make for my run of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Frodo Baggins

Dragons Dogma 2 Frodo Character Creation
Image: u/Conscious_Cod47 on Reddit

A funny thing I remember about the first Dragon’s Dogma was the preset that looked 1:1 like Frodo Baggins already. So I was a bit sad to see that the sequel didn’t have that preset too. Luckily u/Conscious_Cod47 has recreated Frodo Baggins in extraordinary detail. It sincerely looks like the team at Capcom scanned the character in themselves. Now all you have to do is gather Sam, Merry, and Pippin as your pawns and you’ve got the band back together.

As time goes on we’re likely to see so many impressive creations with the creator in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that reaches beyond the “Lord of the Rings.” And I for one am very excited to kickstart my journey after spending hours crafting my perfect John Wick lookalike. Luckily I’ll have plenty of time to get it just right before the Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date.

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