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It’s been 10 years since Capcom released the dark fantasy RPG, Dragon’s Dogma. Since then, fans have nearly given up hope on a sequel. But for those who have held on this long, your time has come. Capcom, during a 10-year anniversary event, announced that Dragon’s Dogma II is real. And, well, that’s about it (for now).

Near the tail end of the show, Game Director Hideaki Itsuno arrived for the famous (or infamous) “one more thing.” Removing a gray hoodie, he revealed to be wearing a shirt with the logo for Dragon’s Dogma II. Itsuno, with the excitement of someone in their 20s, exclaimed: “Sorry to keep you waiting,” and continued with “Dragon’s Dogma II is currently in development!” He and his cohorts then launched into a thunderous golf clap. And I’m sure many fans were clapping alongside.


As for what Dragon’s Dogma II is all about, when it’ll launch, and for what platforms, that’s all a mystery right now. Itsuno only provided with: “Everyone in the development team is hard at work creating a game that we hope you will enjoy! Please look forward to it!” All we have going until Capcom is ready to show more is the logo for the game, and the later reveal that it will use the RE Engine.

Dragon's Dogma Ii Reaveled 2

Masterworks, all

For fans, Dragon’s Dogma II getting announced must feel like prayers being answered. After a decade, hope for a sequel had been dwindling. However, near the end of May, Capcom revealed a 10th anniversary site for the game. It felt like the first time in a long time the publisher and developer gave some serious acknowledgement toward the forgotten IP. On the same day, the Dragon’s Dogma Twitter account teased that the series would continue. Still, fans waited with baited breath.

Feel free to exhale. Dragon’s Dogma II has been announced, and hopefully we’ll know more soon. But for now, just knowing that the game is in development should be enough to satisfy.

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