Duke Nukem Can Wait: Interceptor Introduces Bombshell

Interceptor has revealed their next game, and it turns out Duke Nukem is taking a pass on this one. Introducing Bombshell, a new isometric action RPG for PC and PS4.

Interceptor explained in Bombshell’s official page (the infamous nogumneeded.com) that the Duke Nukem lawsuit would take time, and they did not want to stay unproductive in the meantime (of course). And so, they decided to meddle in a new genre with action RPGs.

Bombshell seems a little bit retrofitted to whatever the Duke Nukem game was going to be, but I think we’re all fine with that. In place of the Duke is Shelly Harrison, a Tank Girl-ish motorbiking cyberpunk explosives expert. She’s off to save the president and face off an alien horde in their planet.

You can read more about Bombshell here and watch the official trailer below.

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