Dying Light 2 Night Chase Special Infected Tokens Uncommon Rare Unique Volatiles

Dying Light 2 has you facing off against hordes of infected. It’s fight or flight, though fighting can often be rewarding, too. If you decide to take risks, you could find yourself mowing down countless zombies. Here’s our Dying Light 2 special infected guide to help you with night chases and infected trophies.

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Dying Light 2 special infected zombies guide – Surviving night chases and amassing infected trophies

Infected trophies in Dying Light 2 are used to purchase Craftmaster upgrades for your items and mods. They come in three different categories: uncommon, rare, and unique. Although there are mobs that belong to these categories, a bit of randomness can also apply (i.e., mobs that are supposed to give you rare trophies might only hand out uncommon trophies once you loot them). As such, our guide discusses the best way to amass infected trophies (night chases), and the types of special infected that you’ll encounter in the game.

Note: Although you can sometimes encounter special infected during the day in Dying Light 2, there’s a higher chance of obtaining infected trophies at night or if you’re exploring interiors.

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Dying Light 2 Infected Trophy (Uncommon) – Virals, Howlers, and Spitters

Virals are your typical 28 Days Later zombies in that they run ridiculously fast. They mostly appear at night, but gas tank explosions can also cause a few of them to spawn near your location.

Spitters, meanwhile, are undead that spew poison globs in your direction. Lastly, Howlers are fellas that actually start night chases in Dying Light 2. If they spot you, they’ll scream and cause other zombies to run after you. There are a lot of these infected mobs when it’s nighttime, which means you don’t need to put any extra effort just to get them to spawn.

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Dying Light 2 Infected Trophy (Rare) – Goons, Bolters, and Banshees

Goons are lumbering behemoths that move slow and hit hard. They’ll swing their monstrous arms, hitting anything in their path (including other zeds). Even during the day, you’ll see Goons milling about in Military Convoys.

Banshees, meanwhile, will scream and rip you apart if they get too close. And, as for Bolters, they’re part of random encounters in the game world. Once you get near, they’ll scurry away. You could chase them down and do a melee hit, or shoot them from afar if you already have a ranged weapon.

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Dying Light 2 Infected Trophy (Unique) – Chargers, Demolishers, Revenants, and Volatiles

Chargers will, simply put, rush and knock you down. They could hit you multiple times, especially if they do their running attack while you’re still getting up. Rather than striking them head-on, you can sidestep their move and cause them to hit a wall or an obstacle. This will stun them, allowing you to pummel them mercilessly.

Demolishers are fairly rare. Think of them as a combination of the Goon and the Charger. They’re extremely large, tanky, and pack quite a punch. But, they’ll also attempt to bulldoze you. Revenants, meanwhile, are special infected variants in Dying Light 2 that can be spotted in GRE Anomalies. It’s easy to take them out once you have a ranged weapon and if you can find a ledge that they can’t reach. Once eliminated, you can grab Inhibitor Containers to level up your health or stamina.

Finally, you’ve got Volatiles, beastly opponents that can easily kill your character in two hits. They’ve got a knockdown move that forces you to mash the “F” key to get out. If you can’t then everyone will press “F” to pay their respects to you. Volatiles tend to appear in GRE Quarantine Buildings if you enter during the day, or once you hit chase level 4. Speaking of which…

Dying Light 2 Night Chase Special Infected Tokens Uncommon Rare Unique Volatiles 4

Wait, how exactly do I increase chase level and survive night chases?

Do you know what sounds like chases? Cheeses. That’s right, it’s possible to (somewhat) cheese this particular mechanic. The first is by finding scaffoldings, overhangs, or ledges that the infected won’t be able to reach normally.

The chase level in Dying Light 2 increases as long as hostiles are around you and are aggroed. It flashes and gets depleted if you go to safe zones or if enemies can’t see you anymore. As such, finding a ledge/platform where they can’t reach you will still leave you visible. You can pelt them from afar, and jump close to aggro them once more. Just make sure you can get back on that ledge, and try to watch out for Spitters due to their ranged attack.

Note: If you have the UV Flashlight, you can use it to stun and debilitate hostiles in front or around you.

Dl2sth Infch Gd 1

The second is by finding a narrow passageway or a bridge. This will cause infected to get funneled in, allowing you to eliminate them piecemeal. For instance, my favorite spot during the mid-game was Culvert Island. It’s found in northeast Garrison near the New Dawn Park-Muddy Grounds border. This is a landmark with a bridge, as well as a bed and UV lamp nearby. I could place mines along one end of the bridge, then smack a Howler to start the chase.

I’d just hang back and watch as the zombies are blown up. I could also throw decoys and Molotovs, or shoot them with arrows/bolts. Reaching chase level 4 is more dangerous, though, since that’s when a lot of Volatiles start spawning. They can leap halfway across the bridge and hit you. If you have a decent amount of health, you can survive. Even better, if you fall down the water, they can’t go after you, leaving you free to heal up quickly before the chase meter is depleted.

As an aside, try to make sure that it’s around 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. when you hit chase level 4. Once it’s daytime (i.e., 8:00 a.m.), most special infected will run away. However, there’s a weird bug where the Volatiles’ AI gets screwed up. They’ll run all over the place without being able to find a path to a dark zone, so you can still shoot and blow them up. Because they drop unique infected trophies, you can amass several in one go.

Dl2sth Infch Gd 2

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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