Dying Light 2 Uv Flashlight Upgrades Guide How To Get Uv Flashlight

The UV Flashlight is one of the Nightrunner tools that you’ll receive in Dying Light 2. You’ll have access to it during a mission called Welcome On Board. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you with the UV Flashlight upgrades and how you can use this gadget effectively.

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Dying Light 2 UV Flashlight upgrades guide

As mentioned earlier, the UV Flashlight is handed to you after having a chat with NPCs during Dying Light 2‘s Welcome On Board mission. Similar to the Grappling Hook, you need to equip this by looking at your Accessories tab. Then, press “1” to cycle through your tools, and press the middle mouse button to use it.

The UV Flashlight, as the name implies, uses ultraviolet light to stun and damage the undead. This is particularly useful in interior spaces or during nighttime chases.

Dying Light 2 Uv Flashlight Upgrades Guide How To Get Uv Flashlight 1

However, this gadget’s battery gets drained rather quickly. That makes the default variant a bit unreliable. As such, you’ll probably want some UV Flashlight upgrades in Dying Light 2. We’ve got them listed below, and you can get them from Craftmaster NPCs.

Still, among the Nightrunner Tools, I would suggest prioritizing the Paraglider first. Later, you can decide whether you’d upgrade the UV Flashlight or the Grappling Hook next. Don’t worry since you’ll have enough Military Tech to fully upgrade all three Nightrunner Tools as long as you find those airdrops. You can learn more about the currency in our Military Airdrop locations guide.

Upgrade Level and Effect Cost
Increases the cone size and battery of the UV Flashlight
Maximum energy – 14 seconds
Recharge time – 14 seconds
Cone size – Medium
2 Military Tech and 1,000 Old World Money
Adds a flash effect and increases the cone size of the UV Flashlight.
Instead of a constant beam of light targeting your foes, you’ll do a UV flash in a conal AoE.
2 Military Tech and 2,000 Old World Money

Dying Light 2 Uv Flashlight Upgrades Guide How To Get Uv Flashlight 2

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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