Dying Light 2 Military Airdrops Military Tech Guide

Military Airdrops in Dying Light 2 are scattered all over the city. Most of them are found on rooftops, oftentimes requiring you to complete a jumping puzzle to reach that spot. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you with Military Airdrops and Military Tech.

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Dying Light 2 Military Airdrops and Military Tech guide

The Military Tech that you find in Dying Light 2 is a very important currency, as it’s used to upgrade Nightrunner Tools such as the Paraglider, Grappling Hook, and UV Flashlight. Of course, to grab those, we do need to reach the Military Airdrops themselves. You can then open a side panel with the GRE Key, allowing you to take the Military Tech.

For our Dying Light 2 Military Airdrops guide, I’ve decided to list them based on the zones that you’ll visit during the campaign. That means there are zones that you might need to revisit later, as Aiden won’t have the stamina or gadgets to reach those areas. I’d also advise you to grab Inhibitors to level up your stamina, as well as additional parkour skills to help with traversal.

Note: Some Military Airdrops in Dying Light 2 also have Inhibitors, either nearby or inside the crate itself. In a few cases, these vantage points are also close to Radio Towers that will reveal Inhibitors in the district.

Dl2sth Milad Gd

Trinity: THB-17U

You don’t need to worry about this one because you’ll visit this location as part of a mission called The Raid. Once you reach Jack & Joe’s Bandit Camp, you’ll see red walkways that lead to the adjacent building. Follow this until you get to the rooftop where you’ll find the Military Airdrop.

Trinity: THB-22B

Similar to the above, you’ll also go near this location during The Raid. Specifically, you’ll go to a hotel which is supposed to be where you’ll meet Sophia of the Survivors faction. Hakon will dissuade you, but go ahead with the meeting. Later, once you reach the exterior, you’ll find a rope bridge that leads to a ruined section of an overpass. Climb up and use the rope to swing across. There’s also a Nightrunner Hideout here is you need a cozy place to rest.

Houndfield: THB-04B

You’ll visit Saint Joseph Hospital in Houndfield as part of the Markers of Plague quest early in the game. However, you probably won’t have enough stamina to reach this Military Airdrop in Dying Light 2. Gain more stamina, or obtain skills/gadgets, because you’re going to need them.

Halfway up the roof, you should see several yellow pipes. You’ll need to jump and grab onto these as you move sideways. Alternatively, you can use the Grappling Hook to reach new heights.

Downtown: THB-1L0

This one is actually right next to the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp. In fact, all you need to do is cross a wooden beam to reach this building. However, you’ll also notice a bunch of red walkways and beams that you’ll need to use to get to the top.

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrops Military Tech Guide 4a

Downtown: THB-M30

You can climb the Historical Communications Tower using a lift pulley. It will only take you to the veranda at the side of the building. Funnily enough, you can leap off the ramp and use the Paraglider. You’ll gain a huge speed boost that will take you to the building with this crate. From there, you can glide to the Historical Communications Tower to activate it.

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrops Military Tech Guide 4b1

Downtown 1a

Downtown: THB-R31

If you’re already at the top of the Historical Communications Tower, you can use the Paraglider to reach this rooftop.

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrops Military Tech Guide 4d

Garrison: THB-UT0, THB-GH3, and THB-7U3

I’ve combined all three in this section. In fact, one of them is in Newfound Lost Lands, an entirely different district. The reason why they’re all here is simple: the VNC Tower.

During the Broadcast mission, you’ll gain access to the roof of this massive building. You can then use it as a jump-off point. Just remember that you might waste five minutes while riding the elevator.

If you’re already at the top, check the other skyscrapers for these Military Airdrops. For THB-7U3, you might need to hop on one of the other buildings just to have enough stamina to get there.

Garrison/Downtown: THB-NW4

Again, we’ll use the VNC Tower for this. However, unlike the three mentioned above, this crate is found in the opposite direction (further north). There are a couple of steps here:

  • First, use the Paraglider to reach the structure next to the Termosi building.
  • Second, replenish your stamina (since it’s probably almost depleted). Then, head to the building that’s north of that.

Dl2sth Milad Gd 5

New Dawn Park: THB-FH3

Don’t worry about this one since you’ll grab this as part of the Nightrunners main mission later in the campaign.

Dl2sth Milad Gd 2a

Lower Dam Ayre: THB-4UL

Similar to the above, you’ll also go to this chapel (the Church of Saint John of God) as part of the Nightrunners mission. I won’t spoil what happens here, but you should be able to exit the chapel and head to the top. You can use your Grappling Hook or Paraglider to get to where the crate is.

Dl2sth Milad Gd 2b

Lower Dam Ayre: THB-V3P

This building is near the South Loop Radio Tower. If you’re climbing up from ground level, it’s going to be tough. You need to use vents, metal beams, pipes, and even a rope swing to achieve your goal. However, if you already have a fully upgraded Paraglider, you can go to another building and ride the wind.

Dl2sth Milad Gd 3

Saint Paul Island: THB-1N4

Go to the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle and try to find a higher jump-off point (such as another building or a windmill). Use the Paraglider to make your way to the roof safely.

Note: Once you’ve opened all Military Airdrops in Dying Light 2, you might be wondering why you’re not getting an achievement. Well, that’s because you need to find those that are underwater.

Dl2sth Milad Gd 4

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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