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Yes, believe it or not, Techland’s Dying Light is five years old. And the developer looks to celebrate its release in style with a couple of upcoming events. First off, for those that still haven’t had a chance to check out this first-person adventure, you’re in luck. The developer will host a free weekend on Steam. It’s already underway, having started this morning. And you’ve got until Sunday, February 23 at 10 a.m. PDT to enjoy. That’s more than two whole days of bashing the undead in the head (or drop kicking them, if you prefer).

For those that enjoy Dying Light, you can get it on sale for the long haul as well. The regular edition goes for $15.99 and includes the Harran Ranger bundle. If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy the Enhanced Edition for $19.79 and grab additional extras.

Check out the celebratory trailer below.

But there’s more Dying Light where that came from

On top of the free weekend, Techland will also host a month full of events, including both local and community events. They kick off today, running through March 19. During this time, fan favorites will make a return, and there should also be a few surprises as well.

Although exact details weren’t provided, fans will be able to snag a new blueprint, some explosive C4, and a bonus outfit for good measure.

And for those who find Dying Light a bit too difficult to handle, there’s some good news. Techland has released a new difficulty mode that allows players to enjoy more of the story and exploration. This should make it less strenuous when it comes to staying alive.

Here’s a hearty congrats to Techland for giving the game its all for five years. It leaves us all the more hopeful for when Dying Light 2 eventually arrives sometime later this year.

Dying Light 2

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