EA too tight to pay Steam Spy $10 for data exports – Triggers anti-DOS protection

EA too tight to pay Steam Spy $10 for data exports – Triggers anti-DOS protection

You know that really big publisher, the one that doesn’t have a problem squeezing cash out of gamers with loot boxes? Well here’s one for you. Apparently, they are too tight to take out a premium account on Steam Spy.

Someone at EA has been spidering Steam Spy to collect data instead of taking out an Enthusiast account for $10 which would give them access to all the data. After checking their logs this appeared:

This is so sad that it’s prompted Steam Spy to give every account with ea.com on it access to an Enthusiast account which only costs $10.

We know that things may be a little tight over at EA following disappointing Star Wars Battlefront 2 sales but surely it can’t be that bad? This must have been a mistake because it’s so cheap to gain access to all the historical data and exports. Whatever the reason is, it’s a bad mistake and we can only hope it is an intern or someone who has no idea what they are doing. Amusing nevertheless.

Update: Thanks to Rokhaiil in the comments for this update which is also amusing if this is in fact what is going on.


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