Elden Ring: How to reach Nokron Eternal City (secret area)

Elden Ring Nokron Eternal City Secret Area Larval Tear Bell Bearing

Nokron Eternal City is one of the locations in Elden Ring. Getting there won’t be that obvious, as you have a tall task ahead of you. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you reach Nokron Eternal City, a secret area in the Lands Between.

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Elden Ring guide – How to reach the Nokron Eternal City secret area

The main requirement to gain access to Nokron Eternal City in Elden Ring is to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. After beating him, a cinematic will play wherein a meteor streaks across the sky. A bright flash and explosion follow soon thereafter.

Elden Ring Nokron Eternal City Secret Area Larval Tear Bell Bearing 1a

Of course, Nokron Eternal City won’t appear on your world map at all. However, the passageway can be found if you fast travel to Fort Haight West in the southern portion of Mistwood. It’s fairly close to where you initially encountered Blaidd in Mistwood Ruins.

Once you look around, you’ll see that the land has been torn by the meteor’s impact and floating rocks hang in mid-air. Check below to see ledges that will lead underground.

Note: You’ll notice that this area is somehow connected to Siofra River Well.

Eldr Sec Nok1 1

From here, walk gingerly across ledges and fallen structures since you still need to find a bonfire. The initial enemies here are Black Slimes, and they’re fairly easy to defeat.

Don’t forget to pick up some loot as well such as runes, gloveworts, and more. There’s also a Rune Arc behind one of the buildings in the floating area.

Eldr Sec Nok1 2

Eventually, you’ll reach your first Site of Grace, aptly named Nokron Eternal City. Outside are several zombie mobs, but we also got a lot of stuff that we can pick up:

Elden Ring Nokron Eternal City Secret Area Larval Tear Bell Bearing 1

  • Follow the narrow pathway downward to reach a garden. Watch out for the mobs and grab another Larval Tear in the gazebo.
  • Then, once you drop down a ledge in front of the boss’ chamber, you can grab a Rune Arc.

That about does it for this initial section of Nokron Eternal City in Elden Ring. Next, we’re going to battle the Mimic Tear boss so you can explore the rest of the zone. Notable points of interest include Night’s Sacred Ground and a passageway that takes you to another secret area called Deeproot Depths.

Elden Ring Nokron Eternal City Secret Area Larval Tear Bell Bearing 2

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