Elden Ring: Where to find Bell Bearings for the Twin Maiden Husks

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing

The Twin Maiden Husks is a merchant NPC found in Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring. I use the term loosely since this entity looks like two corpses. However, you can interact and hand over some key items. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you find Bell Bearings for the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold.

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Elden Ring guide – Where to find Bell Bearings for the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold

Purchasing from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring

When you first “talk” to the Twin Maiden Husks in Elden Ring, the NPC only has a couple of items for sale, the White Cipher Ring and the Blue Cipher Ring. The former allows you to request aid from other players if you get invaded. The latter, meanwhile, lets you help others if they get attacked in PvP.

Later, though, you’ll get to acquire Bell Bearings in Elden Ring, key items that will add to the vendor’s wares. These include bones and crystals for crafting. Even better, some types will allow you to buy Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones, with absolutely no limit save for the cash you have on you. As such, this is a great way to upgrade your weapons.

Eldr Rntb Twmh Bbl 1

Bell Bearing locations in Elden Ring

It’s quite unfortunate, but, although I was able to acquire over half a dozen Bell Bearings in Elden Ring, I seem to have misplaced some screenshots. Still, I’ll try to list down what I do have. But, before that, here’s the gist:

  • Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearings tend to add higher tiers of Smithing Stones. Somber Miner’s Bell Bearings, meanwhile, add Somber Smithing Stones. Basically, you’ll be able to upgrade a lot of weapons as long as you have the cash to spare to buy these materials.
  • In the rare even that you acquire the Bell Bearing of dead NPCs (which I don’t want to spoil yet), you can give it to the Twin Maiden Husks. In turn, there will be another dialogue option where this vendor will sell that dead NPC’s wares.

Eldr Rntb Twmh Bbl 2

Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing – Warmaster’s Shack (Limgrave)

As mentioned in our Limgrave dungeons and secrets guide, you can visit the Warmaster’s Shack at night. Instead of Knight Bernahl greeting you, the Bell Bearing Hunter will spawn. Defeat it to acquire this item.

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing 1

Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1] – Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel (Liurnia of the Lakes)

The mine is located northeast of the academy past the swamp. You’ll fight a Crystalian boss here, so make sure you’re wielding a blunt weapon to deal more damage.

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing 2a

Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] – Altus Tunnel (Altus Plateau)

Altus Tunnel is south of the Minor Erdtree in the region. You’ll find two Crystalians here. The ringblade user is the same as the one you fought in Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. However, the spear lady will annoyingly poke you without end. If you have a blunt weapon that you can swing in a wide arc, you can hit and break the guard of both if they’re close to each other.

Note: There’s also the Old Altus Tunnel close to the scorched battlefield in Mount Gelmir, but I haven’t delved further yet. It’s possible that more Bell Bearings can be found in mines if they’re held by Crystalian-type bosses.

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing 2b

Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] – Sealed Tunnel (Leyndell)

This location is at the edge of the river southeast of the capital city. You can hit the wall to reveal a hidden passageway.

Eldr Rntb Twmh 3a

Sealed Tunnel 1

The chamber inside is fairly small with only a few enemies. You can just run in and open the chest to obtain this Bell Bearing in Elden Ring.

Note: There will be major spoilers after the image below.

Eldr Rntb Twmh 3b

Sealed Tunnel 2

Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [1] – Nokron Eternal City

Nokron Eternal City is a secret area found in Mistwood. You have to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Caelid to gain access to it. Once you’re there, go to the courtyard past the first Site of Grace and pick up this Bell Bearing from the gazebo. When given to the Twin Maiden Husks, the vendor will sell Ghost Gloveworts to help upgrade your Spirit Ash summons.

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing 4a

Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [3] – First Church of Marika (Mountaintops of the Giants)

You’ll be able to reach this region after defeating Morgott in Leyndell. Continue along the pathway until you can use the Grand Lift of Rold, and follow the road to the church. It’s right in front of the building.

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing 3a

D’s Bell Bearing and Rogier’s Bell Bearing – Roundtable Hold

After defeating the Fire Giant boss, you can approach the Forge of the Giants (i.e., huge cauldron). This is one of the game’s “soft” points of no return. A character will offer to sacrifice themselves to become kindling, burning the Erdtree as well. When you return to Roundtable Hold, it’s in ruins, with several NPCs that are missing. If you go past the hallway where the blacksmith is, you’ll see a room with D’s corpse. You can pick up his full armor set and Bell Bearing in Elden Ring.

Around the same time, Rogier will also appear injured. He’s not dead yet, and I believe you may need to fast travel back and forth (or defeat another Shardbearer) to get him to die. Once he perishes, you can pick up his full armor set and Bell Bearing, too.

Note: Roderika, Hewn, Enia, and, of course, the Twin Maiden Husks will still be around.

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Twin Maiden Husks Ball Bearing 3b

Additional Bell Bearings in Elden Ring

  • Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing – Rest at a Site of Grace and switch to nighttime, then fast travel to the Church of Vows. You’ll fight a Bell Bearing Hunter here. If you die, fast travel somewhere else, switch to nighttime, then teleport back to the location.
  • Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [4], Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [4], and Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [5] – There are all found in Crumbling Farum Azula, an area you’ll spawn in after you make your decision in the Forge of Giants. The first is on a ledge in the outer area overlooking a white dragon (it’s right next to the Tempest-Facing Balcony Site of Grace). The second is rewarded after the Godskin Duo boss fight. And the third is next to an altar in a small chamber prior to the Site of Grace called Beside the Great Bridge.
  • Seluvis’ Bell Bearing – In Seluvis’ Rise in the Three Sisters, but you might need to complete the entirety of Ranni’s quest chain if it’s inaccessible. Also, the puppet in the tower sells a couple of Spirit Ashes, too.
  • Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing – Inside a chest in Nokstella Eternal City (follow the upper path to the castles).
  • Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [5] – Defeat the boss in Sellia Crystal Tunnels.
  • Iji’s Bell Bearing – Progress Sorceress Sellen’s quest chain to find Lusat and a new body. With all requirements completed, go to the Road to the Manor Site of Grace to find Iji burned to a crisp. It’s also possible that this is an event that occurs after concluding Ranni’s quest chain and Blaidd’s fate, though I’ve yet to confirm what’s the exact trigger.
  • Sorceress Sellen’s Bell Bearing – You’ll receive this at the conclusion of Sellen’s quest chain, but only if you sided with Jerren the Executioner. Although you can buy most of Sellen’s spells from the Twin Maiden Husks after exchanging this item, the Shard Spiral spell will be missing.

Eldr Rntb Twmh Bbl 3

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