Elden Ring: Night’s Sacred Ground guide (Nokron Eternal City)

Elden Ring Night's Sacred Ground Nokron Eternal City Ranni

After your arrival in Nokron Eternal City, you’ll do battle against the Mimic Tear boss. From there, you’re free to explore this secret area at your leisure. However, if you have a certain quest that’s active, then you can obtain an important key item. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you with the Night’s Sacred Ground dungeon in Nokron Eternal City.

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Elden Ring guide – Night’s Sacred Ground in Nokron Eternal City

The Night’s Sacred Ground dungeon in Elden Ring should, ideally, be visited once you’re serving Ranni the Witch as part of her personal quest.

To reach this location, follow the promenade/main path from the Mimic Tear’s arena until you reach a section with a wide-open area. Next, you’ll want to stick to the left, but to try to avoid getting whacked by mobs. Eventually, you’ll come across a narrow opening with the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. This leads to a massive structure.

Eldr Sec Nok2 1

The goal is to follow the rooftop walkways and ledges as you go from one building to the next, picking up some loot along the way.

You’ll do battle with a few Black Slimes, and some can even turn into Silver Tears (they’re sort of like Invader NPCs but unarmored).

Eldr Sec Nok2 2

Soon, you’ll reach a large building with an interior that’s decorated like a chapel. Before jumping down, you can grab some goodies:

  • The Black Whetblade is in front of the altar.
  • If you use a Stonesword Key to open the Imp Dungeon, you can pick up the Mimic Tear Ashes. It’s arguably one of the best Spirit Ash summons in the game.

Elden Ring Night's Sacred Ground Nokron Eternal City Ranni 1

Once you jump down, a giant metal ball will slowly roll to your position. Immediately run to the doorway so that it crashes and gets stuck. Attack and destroy it to receive a Larval Tear. This item is used to respec your character’s attributes.

Note: In this location and others, the metal ball traps that are killable will drop a Larval Tear on your first kill.

Elden Ring Night's Sacred Ground Nokron Eternal City Ranni 2

Finally, you’ll be at the promenade on the ground floor. Run past the mobs (including the transforming ones), and approach the statue of the dead entity.

There’s a chamber underneath it where you’ll find a chest. It contains the Fingerslayer Blade. If you’re doing this while Ranni’s quest is active, you can pick up the item. Once you return to Ranni, she’ll hand over the Carian Inverted Statue. This item is something that we’ll use in the Carian Study Hall dungeon.

Note: If you don’t have the quest or you haven’t met Ranni yet, then the chest will remain shut, notifying you that you’re not “destined to open it yet.”

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