Endless Space 2 trailer covers politics, heroes, trade

The third of four trailers covering the myriad aspects of running a faction in Endless Space 2 has been released today. For the previous ‘Explore‘ and ‘Expand‘ videos, click the respective links.

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We’re technically on the ‘Exploit’ part of the 4X quartet now. That’s always had a pretty broad meaning, but for the purposes of this trailer it’s about exploiting people’s politics (their hopes and fears), the talents of enigmatic heroes, and trade routes. Endless Space 2 adds a full political dimension to the series, where every faction and race has their own outlook and ideals. Fail to juggle those successfully, and you could wind up with a rebellion on your hands.

Luckily, you have heroes at your disposal to keep the population in order (either by amazing governance, or by force). Planetary improvements will also keep people busy (and potentially happy), and private trading companies can be established to keep the colonies financially secure.

Endless Space 2 is out later this week, on 19 May. We’ll have a review tomorrow; in the mean time, here’s the trailer.


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