AER: Memories of Old & Stranger Things 3 are free on Epic Games Store

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Gamers can get a double helping of free titles this week on the Epic Games Store. AER: Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3: The Game are available until July 2 at 1 p.m. EST. There’s no reason to wait though — claim them now and avoid the risk of forgetting. 

Everyone should be familiar with the process by now. It only takes a few simple clicks to add these games to your library. Once they’re yours, you can download them at any time in the future. 

This week’s offering includes two adventure games, but their similarities end there. AER: Memories of Old is a lighthearted experience that sends players on a fantastical journey to the world’s end. The hero can also transform into a bird to help navigate between the floating islands that populate the world. Explore lost, ancient ruins, solve puzzles, and save the shattered world from falling into darkness.

AER: Memories of Old from Forgotten Key and Daedalic Entertainment places a strong focus on its colorful and minimalist art style and is designed to be a casual experience. The game, released in 2017, comes highly recommended by user reviews and is not resource-demanding to run. The file size is only 3 GB too, so why not give it a try?

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In contrast to AERStranger Things 3: The Game is an isometric 2D beat ’em up experience. The game’s story is based on events in season 3 of the show and pits players against various foes. Complete new quests, learn more about the characters, and discover secrets in this Stranger Things spin-off. The game features single and cooperative play, which makes it perfect for you and friends to try together. 

Stranger Things 3: The Game also comes recommended by user reviews; however, this may be an experience better suited for fans of the series. Keep in mind that it will have spoilers, and it’s best to see the show first.

Stranger Things 3: The Game was developed and published by BonusXP Inc. 

We cover the free games announcements on the Epic Games Store every week, so keep checking back for something new. Next week’s free games are confirmed to be the puzzle game Hue and survival game Conan Exiles.

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