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As we reported not too long ago, Epic Games Store has chosen to make the WWI simulator Tannenberg free to claim this week. This free offer started yesterday and ends on July 28. But say you have no interest in Tannenberg and want to see what title the Epic Games Store will give away next. Well, there is no guarantee that the next offer will appeal to you, but it will inarguably provide a more laid-back experience than Tannenberg ever will. From July 28 until August 4, players can get their hands on developer Skyhook Games’ Lawn Mowing Simulator for free.

 Lawn Mowing Simulator allows players to live out their dream of cutting down grass in the luscious Great British countryside. The game provides an assortment of 12 “real-world licensed lawn mowers” to use, and some of the manufacturers featured include STIGA, Toro, and SCAG. Each mower has its own set of settings and challenges to complete, so players have plenty of incentive to familiarize themselves with them.


Mowing requires love and care

Lawn Mowing Simulator offers a Career Mode, Free Mode, and Challenge Mode for players to engage with. To take on the game’s myriad contracts, players must remember to conduct ground checks, determine the appropriate blade height, and measure the mower’s engine load. Additionally, you can equip various attachments, which include stripe rollers, grass collectors, and recyclers, to increase the efficiency of their mowing. These tools can be utilized in a variety of locations, including “busy residential streets, vast castle grounds, quaint cottage greens, and large equestrian fields.”

If you want to experience the simple joys of lawn mowing without breaking a sweat in the brutal summer heat, then next week’s free offer of Lawn Mowing Simulator might work perfectly for you. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then there’s always the following week.

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