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Mickey you look … a bit deranged.

The PC port of Epic Mickey 2 had a very limited release (I think it came out in the Czech Republic) but was basically cancelled in most areas of the world. Today, thanks to a sudden influx of Disney titles on Steam, Epic Mickey 2 is alive once again on PC.

You can read a full list of the added Disney titles here, which include racing titles Pure and Split/Second. There are also a whole load of film tie-in titles which (if history is any guide) will probably be of mixed quality. If you happen to have insider knowledge about theĀ Tangled game actually being amazing, please let us know in the comments.

Naturally, as this is a Steam-related story, there is a minor sale involving Disney stuff. Most of it has 10% off, but there are also some Mega Pack bundles available that’ll probably save you some cash if you want all of the games involved.

I have no idea what kind of PC port quality a lot of these games exhibit, so approach them at your own risk. Split/Second’s release still has SecROM, for example. So that’s a bit rubbish.

Perhaps more excitingly, this rush of Disney titles may indicate that the publisher is open to exploring PC/Steam releases of other titles. Either stuff they own (hello, Lucasarts catalogue) or things which haven’t previously received a PC version.

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