Another week means another round of Epic Store free games for you to enjoy. This week includes IO Interactive’s Hitman title, which spawned a franchise of assassination games. In addition to that is the Shadowrun Collection, which includes three standalone titles. The Shadowrun franchise enjoys a very close following as well, and the collection still goes for a hefty price on competitor’s stores. You will definitely want to claim these two freebies, as they are sure to offer many hours of enjoyment. The free offer this week is live now and runs until September 3 @ 11 AM ET.

Hitman launched in 2016, and is a third person action/stealth game that holds up well still today. Visually speaking, the graphics are commendable, though they lack the sharpness and high-fidelity lighting expected of games today. That won’t stop you from enjoying it though. The sandbox-style missions and versatile gameplay are the main selling points for Hitman. There’s something instantly satisfying about playing the role of Agent 47, much like how Sam Fisher felt in the Splinter Cell games. You are very competent in manipulating situations and working your way through environments towards targets.

Epic store free games Hitman game

Go get ’em, tiger.

The various approach paths and optional restrictive mission parameters keep it fun, because you can play missions how you want or take things to a higher level of difficulty. You can practice anonymity by sniping targets from distances or get up close and personal in a janitorial outfit to do some good ole’ wet work. The simplistic AI does leave something to be desired at times, but overall, Hitman is a solid game. There are plenty of settings to enjoy and interesting tools to get the job done.

There’s more work to do and another free game to claim

Once you’ve crossed out all of the targets on your special list, Shadowrun Collection makes for another great experience. It’s an overhead strategy adventure game with cyberpunk themes that make it a perfect way to satisfy the genre itch while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. These Shadowrun games were cool far before CD Projekt Red introduced us to the genre, though. The titles in the collection span from 2013 to 2015 releases, but the games have aged well. The graphics are irrelevant, as they rely on style to impress audiences. Rather, the gameplay and story are the main selling points in the Shadowrun series. There’s plenty to do in these games as well. Just to give you an idea of the scale, understand that there’s over 30 GB of 2.5D content to experience. If you want to talk about value, this collection is it.

That’s it for this week’s Epic Store free games, but next week will feature Into the Breach. The futuristic rogue-lite turn-based strategy game released in 2018 to generally favorable reviews, so if you’ve always wanted to try it, it’s almost yours. Check back on the Epic Games Store @ 11 AM ET next week to pick that title up. In the meantime, don’t forget to claim Hitman and the Shadowrun Collection.

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