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Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom releases today

Vanquish your foes with the power of light.

Just today, Gearbox Publishing and developer Under the Stairs announced the release of Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. For those who had their interest piqued by the game’s elaborate title, Eyes in the Dark functions as a roguelite side-scroller in which a young girl, the titular Victoria Bloom, explores a mysterious mansion filled with unsightly creatures. The game stands out due to its 2D monochromatic art style that evokes the works of creators like Tim Burton. Players interested in the game’s style and premise can pick it up for $14.99 USD today.

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The aforementioned mansion goes by the name Bloom Manor, and Victoria ventures through it in an attempt to find her lost grandfather. At first, she enters the castle only equipped with a flashlight and slingshot, and while those tools ultimately prove useful in fending off threats, she will inevitably need something stronger. Thankfully, the mansion happens to house potent gadgets that make the journey a little bit easier. Players can make use of many of these tools using twin-stick shooter controls.


Expect the unexpected in Eyes in the Dark

Like any roguelite, Eyes in the Dark’s mansion layouts never stay the same between runs, and Victoria will need to frequently adapt to unexpected situations. Transitioning between areas of the mansion allow players to either boost their power or augment the run’s difficulty level. Presumably, the latter option will come with better rewards to justify the higher risks involved.

According to Under the Stairs director Vladimir Bogdanić, Eyes in the Dark “has been a dream come true,” and he looks forward to players experiencing it now that it has finally seen a release. Clearly, a lot of passion and hard work went into this project, so hopefully, it finds some success.

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