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Gearbox announces Eyes in the Dark, a roguelite with a gothic twist

More like "roguelight," am I right?
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Publisher Gearbox Software has announced Eyes in the Dark with a trailer posted on Gearbox’s official YouTube channel. The game is a side-scrolling gothic-themed roguelite that features platforming mechanics. It will release on Steam on July 14, and those interested can pre-purchase it now for $14.99 USD.

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You play as Victoria Bloom, the daughter of a wealthy family. Bloom Manor, the large house owned by her grandad Victor, has become overrun by darkness. It’s up to Victoria to head into the manor and take down the evil forces that lie within. She starts out with her trusty slingshot and flashlight but more gadgets can be found. These include weapon modules and upgrades to grow your arsenal for future runs.


Each run is procedurally generated so every run differs from the last. The further you progress the more difficult the enemies get. Taking on the strongest enemies will require power-ups called boons. These can be found whilst progressing through Eyes in the Dark but they come at a cost. Each boon requires you to also inherit a new weakness. The challenge is to figure out what boons justify what weaknesses. Get it wrong and you could ruin an otherwise promising run.

In a press release game designer Filip Neduk says that Gearbox’s new game “creates an atmosphere of loneliness and isolation, all while giving you the tools to ultimately come out of the experience as a stronger person.”

Striking aesthetic

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Eyes in the Dark is its striking aesthetic. Its monochromatic color scheme is chilling and does a great job of conveying that theme of isolation that Neduk describes. As for the character design, it is similar to what we’ve seen in Don’t Starve. Given that Don’t Starve is one of the best survival indie games ever made, the similarities are by no means a bad thing.

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