Fairy Tail Guild Rank Facilities Upgrades Guide

Fairy Tail guide: Guild ranks and facilities

The popular manga and anime series, Fairy Tail, has hit PCs recently. In it, your heroes and their guild attempt to reclaim lost glory. You’ll do this by way of requests that increase your guild’s ranks as well as by upgrading facilities. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Fairy Tail: Increasing your guild’s rank and completing requests

Fairy Tail’s gameplay loop is actually fairly straightforward. Outside of progressing the story further to follow the anime’s arcs, you’ll be tasked with completing requests (aka. your standard sidequests in RPGs) that are posted on your guild’s bulletin board. These requests provide you with rewards such as items, materials, and jewels (gold).

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Requests also come in different types. For instance, certain requests would have you going around towns and cities to speak to various NPCs to discover who’s smuggling or hiding an item. This might lead you to a short battle as well. Others, meanwhile, would task you with exploring nearby zones. Usually, you’ll need to kill specific monsters to complete the tally.

Note: Community requests, those given by random NPCs in town, are different from those found on your guild’s request boards. NPC requests tend to be shorter (requiring you to hand them a few ingredients or materials) and they have no bearing on your guild’s rank. They do, however, provide you with some Lacrima items.

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By completing requests, you’re not only boosting the renown of your guild in Fairy Tail, but you’re also leveling up your characters and increasing their personal bonds. Additionally, you’ll get some “Fairy Points” which are used to increase a character’s rank. Keep in mind that a character’s “rank” is far different from their “level.”

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Don’t forget that each new guild rank that you reach also presents you with an important tally known as the “Guild Rank Goal” (seen below). These have multiple requirements such as winning a number of duels, completing requests, and so on. You’ll also get heftier rewards compared to regular requests.

Note: If you managed to increase your guild’s rank before completing a previous rank’s goal, it’s fine because you can still do some tallies later.

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Upgrading facilities

Let’s say you’ve obtained a bit of gold and you’re now able to upgrade your guild’s facilities, well, what next? Initially, your hub in Fairy Tail only offers scant options:

  • Item shop – Will sell potions and, eventually, other status effect remedies.
  • Request board – This will increase the number of requests that you can tackle depending on your guild’s rank.
  • Laboratory – Lets you craft your own Lacrima.

Note: You can view our Lacrima guide if you need help.

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Much later, you’ll gain access to additional functions. Examples include:

  • Library – Increases the EXP received by characters that are not in your active party. This is particularly useful if you’re not keen on using some of Fairy Tail‘s 16 or so characters, but you still want them to be viable in some battles from time to time.
  • Kitchen – Provides a percentage-based increase to everyone’s HP.
  • Material Storeroom – Lets you obtain some items in the guild’s storeroom.

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Some of these upgrades will require you to head to a location or defeat a certain mob just to obtain an item (ie. planks, flasks, and so on). They’re often marked as well, so you won’t feel lost. Oh, and don’t forget that you need gold just to start the “mini-quest” for those upgrades.

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It’s remodeling time

There’s also Fairy Tail‘s remodeling mechanic. Apart from the regular functions of these facilities, you can also unlock additional improvements that are tied to them. Here are some examples for the ones mentioned above:

  • Item shop – Increases the selling price of your items.
  • Request board – Increases the gold earned when completing guild requests.
  • Laboratory – Increases the damage you deal if a spell can be “resisted” by a mob.
  • Library – Increases the rate of refilling the Fairy Gauge during battles.
  • Kitchen – More HP increases.
  • Material Storeroom – Increases the storeroom’s limit.

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Remodeling a guild’s facility also requires gold and materials. Compared to upgrading them, however, the materials are conventional ones you’ll find scattered all over various zones or dropped by monsters (ie. Drinking Water, Decayed Hide, Thick Hide, Igneous Rock, and the like).

If you don’t have the requisite materials, you’ll need to go looking for them. Thankfully, Fairy Tail also tells you of their locations if you click on the button for “Ingredients Info.”

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Lastly, bear in mind that some of your guild’s facilities (and upgrades) are locked behind chapter completions. Anyway, as long as you’re progressing through Fairy Tail‘s campaign, you should be fine. All of these mechanics — from guild requests and guild ranks to facilities and renovation, and, much later, reclaiming your team’s glory — are all intertwined with the story.

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Fairy Tail is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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