Fall Guys is getting Doom costumes because why not

Doom Guys.

Fall Guys continues with its bonkers crossovers, following Sonic the Hedgehog and Godzilla skins late last year. While we’d rather not ever see another Ninja skin in our lobby, you’re damn right we’re gonna welcome some Doom content with open arms. That’s exactly what’s coming later this month, when Fall Guys becomes Doom Guys.

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The full extent of the crossover hasn’t been revealed just yet, but a brief trailer does show off some Doom goodies. Of course, there’s a Doomguy skin, along with an innocent rendition of the Cacodemon. Oh and is that a bean-shaped Marauder? Because god damn it’s giving us nightmares already.

The short clip also contains a Doom-like map and some metal tunes, although they just seem like dress-up for the trailer. If these Fall Guys crossovers go above and beyond bean skins, we really hope something like a Doom-themed set of stages could appear. Let’s be honest, the soundtrack in this trailer alone is getting us pumped, so imagine the effect it could have on a Fall Guys match.

It’s Doom, guys!

Since the launch of Fall Guys and its growth in popularity, there seems to be no limit to the amount of crossovers inbound. However, it’s not just the amount but also the scale of franchises making their way into Fall Guys that impresses. Doom is one of the biggest IP in gaming, and will surely be a big get for the team at Mediatonic.

Fall Guys Season Three

That leaves the question of what’s next though. We’ve seen holiday themed costumes and content, so seasonal celebrations like an Easter event seems a given. With Ninja making his way into the game late last year as well, we wouldn’t rule out more influencers being added either.

When it comes to other franchises, the sky seems to be the limit. For now though, we’re pretty pumped for Doomguy’s arrival in Fall Guys on January 12.

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