Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Guide – master the Gate Crash sequences

Fall Guys Gate Crash Tips

There’s a lot of randomness in Fall Guys that will get you eliminated. However, there’s no randomness in Gate Crash and no secret tips you need to discover. If you learn the sequence of each set of gates, you’ll always know which one to aim for. Get your timings right and you’ll never fail to make it through this round. So, let’s look at the Fall Guys Gate Crash sequences.

The first row of gates

The first gates you are confronted with have a very simple order. The left one goes up, then the right rises, and then the middle one. It keeps repeating that sequence. So, if you start the race on the left or right, you can simply run straight through. If you start in the middle, you need to aim for the sides.

Fall Guys Gate Crash First Row Of Gates

Sequence: Left, right, middle.

The second and third row of gates

The second set of gates also has a straightforward sequence. The leftmost and middle-right gate are linked, and the rightmost and middle-left gate are linked. When one linked set of gates goes up, the other goes down. Be aware of the moving padded columns and pick your gate accordingly.

Fall Guys Gate Crash Second Row Of Gates

Sequence: Left and inner-right. Then right and inner-left.

The third row of gates is almost identical to the second row. The same gates are linked to each other. However, their timer is a bit shorter, so they rise and fall more often. You will mostly likely need to run through the opposite set of linked gates you went through in row two. Again, be mindful of the movement of the padded columns.

The fourth row of gates

There are eight gates in this row, divided into two sides of four. Both sides work identically, so you only need to learn the pattern for one side. The simple rule for this set of gates is to go through one of the middle two on either side. They go down three times for every one time the outside two go down. If you pick one of the outside two gates, you could be waiting for ages for it to drop.

Fourth Row Of Gates

Sequence: Middle two go down twice. Then all the gates go down.

The fifth row of gates

The fifth row is another alternating pattern. The two outside doors and the middle door are linked. Also, the inside-left and inside-right doors are linked. When one set is up, the other is down. There’s only one moving padded column to avoid, so it’s not tough. You want to aim for the gate that is down or about to be down as you pass the stationary padded column before the gate. That timing will work perfectly.

Fall Guys Gate Crash Fifth Row Of Gates

You can see the padded column that will help you time your run in the foreground of the picture.

The final row of gates

Unlike the other gate sets in Fall Guys Gate Crash, this obstacle first appears to be a leap of faith. However, when you know the timings of the gates, you don’t need to rely on any power but your own. With this row of gates, the outer two are linked and the middle one is always in the opposite position to them. You need to aim for the gate that is up or almost up when you start sliding on the slime. If none of the gates are close to being up when you reach the slime slide, wait a second before rushing in.

Final Row Of Gates

Sequence: Outside gates, then the middle gate.

There is one tip that will help you squeeze through a gate when you narrowly miss the timing. If you jump and dive, the extra height and minor speed burst can be enough to help you get over a rising gate. You won’t land smoothly on the other side, but you’ll be through.

Fall Guys Gate Crash Jump And Dive Tip

Nailed it.

It seems like a lot to take in, but after you have a few runs under your belt, you’ll begin to recognize which gate is which. If you remember the Fall Guys Gate Crash tips from this walkthrough, you’ll be on your way to mastering this round. If you’d like to learn how to conquer Slime Climb every time, you can check out our shortcuts and tips.

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