Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Slime Climb shortcuts and tips

Fall Guys Slimb Climb

Slime Climb is one of the most unforgiving games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Fall off the platforms and you lose. Touch the pink slime and you’re out of there. So, here are five shortcuts and a few tips to help you get through the grueling challenge that is Slime Climb in Fall Guys. If you manage to get to the front, executing these shortcuts will guarantee a win.

Shortcuts one and two: The bouncy triangles

The first two shortcuts you can take advantage of are right near the start of Slime Climb. Just after the first corner, there are two bouncy triangles on the right-hand side. You can hop onto either of these to get a boost up to the platform above.

Fall Guys Slime Climb First And Second Shortcut

Use either of the two bouncy triangles to spring onto the higher level. The first one is quicker, but harder to pull off.

You need to be smart when it comes to picking which shortcut to use. If loads of other players are going for a shortcut, you’ll most likely get knocked over if you attempt it too. In this case, go for the other bouncy triangle or simply skip both. Sometimes in Fall Guys, not taking a shortcut can actually be faster, so weigh risks beforehand. Mistakes can cost you precious seconds, where as shortcuts like these may only save fractions of a second.

Shortcut three: hop up

This is a simple shortcut to take advantage of, unlike the first two options. However, this one can also get crowded, which may end up slowing you down. Keep an eye on the number of people trying to jump over the gap, as well as how many are piling into the shortcut. If it’s very congested, jumping over will be faster than trying to take the shortcut and hop up.

Fall Guys Slime Climb Third Shortcut

You can jump from the level below up to the platform.

Just before you get to Slime Climb’s third shortcut, you need to run up a ramp with large balls rushing towards you. You can see them in the image above. When you’re running up this ramp, don’t run on the left-hand. If you get hit, you could get knocked onto the ramp below. If you stick to the right, you’ll simply get knocked into the wall.

Shortcut four: the corner-cutter

This is the easiest shortcut of the lot. You’ll pull it off almost every single time and you won’t lose anything by attempting it. You can cut the corner and the first moving pillar by hopping from the ramp onto the treadmill.

Fall Guys Slime Climb Fourth Shortcut

Hop from the blue ramp onto the yellow treadmill. Don’t be like the three fools on the right.

You never need to run around the corner. If there are loads of people, you’ll either get ahead of them all or get knocked over and need to try again. There’s no risk of you ending up in the slime or falling off the edge.

Don’t jump

The Fall Guys Slime Climb shortcuts are the biggest time savers in this stage. However, there are still a few challenges you need to conquer to survive. The three balance beams were a nightmare for me for a long time. Until I discovered you don’t need to jump onto the first beam. You can just walk onto it, which will save you trying to regain your balance.

Fall Guys Slime Climb Don't Jump Onto First Balance Beam

Run onto either of the first balance beams to halve the difficulty of this obstacle.

After the balance beams, you can also save yourself a second or two by jumping over the inflatable yellow fence on the left-hand side. If you do this, watch out for the nearby hammer.

Shortcut five: avoid the hammers

The slippery ramp with candy cane versions of Thor’s hammer isn’t a particularly tough obstacle. However, you can guarantee you make it through every single time by sticking to the right-hand side of the ramp. This will eliminate any risk of you being knocked off. Plus, the hammers can’t reach you. Your only risk is that another player knocks you into them. But then the wall will catch you.

Fifth Shortcut

Stick to the safety of the right-hand side and jump up to the level above by the arrow.

This ramp is where you will find the final shortcut in Slime Climb. It’s also the one that will save you the most time. You can also jump from the pink slime to the blue mat above right where the arrow meets the wall in the image above.

Bring it home

The final tip I have for Slime Climb is to not rush the final two pendulum balls. If you try to do both at once, you will most likely get whacked over the edge. I’ve never seen the maximum number of players qualify in Slime Climb. So, if you’ve made it this far, just take it slow and do the balls one at a time.

FG Balls at end of course

Take it slow and bring it home. Just watch out for mean beans trying to push you off the edge at the end.

There you have it. Five shortcuts and a handful of tips to help you master the Fall Guys Slime Climb stage. If you’d like to know a bit more about the most unique battle royale around, you can check out our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review. If you’d like to purchase the game for PC, you can do so through Steam for $19.99.

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