Fallout 4 codes coming thick and fast on Survivor2299

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Update 3/12/2013 – More codes, spotted at online retailer and merchandise maps.

Just when you thought Fallout 4 Nuclear Winter would bring a period of calm, think again. Since the countdown clock ran down last night there has been numerous new messages to decode.

The latest change to the morse code translates to:

Calling Black Row Out Station ground is safe to land Level 4 breach. No survivors, 899 corpses. We are leaving Vault 119. Over, back to you.

This was preceded by another message:

Calling all stations, calling all stations, calling all stations, This is Vault 119 SOS level 4 under attack, Overseer is Dead, Repeat, SOS level 4 under attack, Overseer is Dead, We won’t make it.

The Fallout 4  community excitement is going into overdrive because there was a couple of days with absolute silence, probably down to the fact that it was Thanksgiving weekend and not some weird electrical disruption due to the nuclear winter arriving.

Update: A new page has opened up on thesurvivor2299.com, presumably relating to this “Vault 119” business. It contains the message “SY684> OVERRIDING PROTOCOL VT-15812 WITH KEY ‘7667’” and flashes up “Unknown Enemy Detected.” There’s a hidden message as well (click and drag over the middle of the page): “REV FEAR – MGSS LHM’H EVHV KBIM’R QIUBMU. CB’L Z YYG MN HBM ZQSUB ZZAY.” It was another one of those Vigniere Cyphers and apparently reads “THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT’S COMING. IT’S A KEY TO THE GREAT GAME” which could be interpreted as a little bit on-the-nose.

There’s some serious stuff going down in the world of Fallout as these messages have become more tense. Needless to day the ARG continues and that clock keeps on ticking down 11 December.

Thanks to r/fallout,  Feannag and theshakal2179 in the previous post for the update. If anything else surfaces in the next few hours we’ll update this post. Oh, and keep voting…

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