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Fallout 76 keeps on trucking along despite the game’s rocky launch, which was recently addressed by Todd Howard. We’re well past that stage now though, as several updates have delivered new questlines, actual NPCs, and more. The next of those updates titled Locked and Loaded, looks to bring new options for player camps, loadouts, and more.

Bethesda has detailed the update in a new blog post, which showcases what Locked and Loaded brings to Fallout 76. The game’s camps system will see a substantial overhaul, allowing players to build more than one camp at a time. Camp slots will be introduced, enabling multiple player camps to be saved, even if only one will remain active at a time.

In addition to camps, the way loadouts work is also changing. Move a Point is being replaced by a new vending machine system that allows players to create multiple Special loadouts to swap out. This is a much-requested community feature, that lets people alter their playstyles more frequently. The Punch Card Machine, used to change loadouts, can be placed at a camp.

fallout 76 locked and loaded

Both of these features have been showcased in a new developer video, posted out by Bethesda. Here, the team discusses how the new camps and loadouts features will increase the level of freedom Fallout 76 players will have. Oh, and there’s some pre-release footage mixed in there too, showing the features in action.

Going hands on

The pre-release content isn’t limited to videos though. As usual, the latest update goes live in a test build today, March 12. In fact, it’s already live, and there’s more reason to give the PTS a go. If you clock in at least an hour’s gameplay for three separate days while the test build is live, you’ll earn a new themed pennant for your camp.

Once the test wraps up, Locked and Loaded goes live for everyone on April 27 in Fallout 76.

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