June 19th, 2017

Far Cry 4 PC patch 1.4.0 released, claims to fix black screen issues

Far Cry 4 - 7
The “red screen” issue, meanwhile, is intentional.

The previously delayed PC patch 1.4.0 for Far Cry 4 has now been released, and should roll out across uPlay and Steam throughout the day. Ubisoft announced the release of the patch on their forums. Oddly, it isn’t on their “live updates” blog for Far Cry 4 at the time of writing.

This patch claims to fix a couple of issues PC players have run into, namely the black screen and grey screen phenomena.

Here’s Ubisoft’s patch notes:

  • Fixed the “black screen” issue PC players were experiencing when certain USB peripherals were plugged in.
  • Fixed the “grey screen” issue some PC players were may have encountered after the Outpost Master Mission.

Yep, just those two things.

This being Ubisoft, the patch release doesn’t seem to have gone entirely according to plan. Some players have reported that their copy of Far Cry 4 downloaded the patch, but then reverted back to version 1.3.0. According to the forums (again,) Ubisoft is “looking into Uplay “reverting” the Patch to 1.3.0.”

Meanwhile, a Reddit user is reporting that after updating their version of Far Cry 4 to 1.4.0, they no longer have any sound in the game. That doesn’t seem to be widespread though.

If you missed it earlier in the week, you can read Tim’s adventures with bird attacks and snow leopards in the IncGamers review.

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    • Jeremy Ecker

      Still no patch in Uplay as of right now, at least not for me. Some users have reported being able to get the patch if they have Steam instead of Uplay. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM UBISOFT EVER AGAIN. They sell broken products and refuse to give refunds, then the CENSOR your comments from their live update site.

      • Jeremy Ecker

        I made a youtoube video to express my feelings about Ubisoft. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/S4zSM7O1Kp0

        • richarddale

          Works fine for me, It’s a great game that looks absolutely fantastic. Shame they can’t test it properly prior to launch though.

          • tfrom222

            the game works 100% for me.

    • Jimmy

      Anyone else having issues with aiming in the game? Both my multiplayer/co-op and single player missions. Like the red dot for the sight. I can only use iron sights. I also have issues of black screens prior to the start of a mission, requiring me to watch the entire cut scene again. The amount of times I have to Re-do a mission, simply because the next part of the sequence won’t start. I’ve completed two of the large outposts 5 times, but only one of them is marked complete. Sometimes the chopper didn’t come in, etc. I’ve had animals walking on invisible platforms above the road in the cave, and the cat walk through the wall, but I was unable to shoot him, until he jumped back onto my level and ate me. I could seriously go on.

      Tl;dr Anyone not able to aim? I can’t find it anywhere

      • datarape

        from their ‘Update blog’

        We are investigating topics some players are experiencing including:

        1) Mouse Acceleration
        2) Key Bindings
        3) Black Shadows on SLI

    • Troy Topham

      its not just ubisoft its basically all game companies that do that, spit out a half finished game and start on the next one and just finish it with updates

      • Thilan

        not all just Ubisoft and EA & WB never had any issues with Activision or others as i remembered.

    • Thilan

      all you have to do is stop complaining and stop buying their products, they are screwed and playing with you all just pirate the game that’s what they want you to do making the game good and full of bugs

      • tfrom222

        the reason the games are so bugged is because of people who pirate them.
        but at least ubisoft tries to fix the bugs!.

        • Thilan

          not really, i bought the game from gamestop i have those bugs

          • tfrom222

            i meant, they lose alot of money when people pirate it and that money could have been used in fixing bugs.