Far Cry 4 - 4

It won’t fix boats bumping into the shore like idiots. That’s a Far Cry feature.

Ubisoft has detailed a forthcoming new PC patch for Far Cry 4, which will be available at some point next week (8 December onwards). The patch notes aren’t hugely specific, but indicate that various mouse and control issues, as well as some remaining graphics problems should be addressed by this one.

But, again, the notes aren’t super specific. They just say “Fixed various Graphic issues.” Some players on PC are still experiencing stuttering in Far Cry 4, but whether patch 1.5.0 will attempt to fix this isn’t really clear.

Update: This patch has now been released.

You should, however, be able to stream the game more clearly now. So that’s nice.

Here are the notes:

  • Added 21:9 aspect ratio support
  • Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version
  • Fixed an issue with aim assist
  • Fixed an issue with grappling if aim button was remapped on another key
  • Fixed an issue with mouse input
  • Fixed an issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons
  • Fixed an issue with Uplay invites in Steam version
  • Fixed various Controls issues
  • Fixed various Graphic issues
  • Fixed various IGE issues
  • Fixed various Session Browser issues
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • NVIDIA graphics preset was removed
  • Reduced performance drop impact during streaming

If you missed the IncGamers review of Far Cry 4, you can read that over here.

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