Far Cry 6: How to get the Guerrilla Dead Drop using the Spec Ops Key

Far Cry 6 Spec Ops Key Special Operations Insurgency

While you’re playing Special Operations missions, it’s possible to find a unique reward in that zone. However, you can only unlock this by finding a key from another activity. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you open the Guerrilla Dead Drop in Special Operations missions by using the Spec Ops Key.

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Far Cry 6 Special Operations guide: Getting the Guerrilla Dead Drop by using the Spec Ops Key

For starters, the Spec Ops Key in Far Cry 6 can only be obtained whenever you complete the weekly Insurgency mode. That can take a while because Insurgency mode only becomes available after you’ve completed the campaign. If you want, you can refer to our guides regarding the Insurgency provinces in Noventarmas (Week 1) and Conuco (Week 2). These should give you ideas as to what you can expect from this activity.

Next, once you have a Spec Ops Key, go ahead and start a Special Operations run by talking to Lola. If you have a Spec Ops Key with you, open your map to see a marked location. Here’s an example for the Mesozoico scenario:

Far Cry 6 Spec Ops Key Special Operations Insurgency 1

Travel to the marked location. It will have a golden outline on your minimap once you get there. Next, you have to look for a blue crate. It’s a little well-hidden, so try to look behind other boxes, wooden panels, or obstacles. In my case, the one in Lago del Espinosaurio (Spinosaurus Lake) was off to the side of the largest building in the area.

Go ahead and open it to receive your reward. In this particular example, I got the Apollyon Chibi dashboard prop. You’ll also receive some extra Moneda for opening the Guerrilla Dead Drop in Far Cry 6. Anyway, just make sure to complete the weekly Insurgency activity so you’ll always have at least one Spec Ops Key with you for future Special Operations runs. Good luck.

Far Cry 6 Spec Ops Key Special Operations Insurgency 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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