Far Cry 6 Surf & Turf Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt

Far Cry 6 Crocodile Tears treasure hunt: How to get the Surf & Turf rifle

Rampaging reptiles.

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The Surf & Turf is one such example. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get Surf & Turf unique rifle from the “Crocodile Tears” treasure hunt.

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Far Cry 6 “Crocodile Tears” treasure hunt guide: How to get the Surf & Turf unique rifle

The “Crocodile Tears” treasure hunt in Far Cry 6 takes place in Cobre Shores. This zone is actually further northwest in Madrugada. You don’t need to visit this place immediately because there’s actually an operation/main mission that takes you there. It’s called “Diesel Daisy” and it’s given to you by Philly.

Your task is to visit an establishment called Ortega Croc Farm and pick up a quest item for Philly. Since the “Crocodile Tears” treasure hunt is also here, you can hit two reptiles with one stone.

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First, take a look at the pen and you’ll notice three crocodiles swimming around. You can lob a grenade to take them out, but do avoid jumping down while they’re still alive. They’ll chew through Dani within seconds.

Next, enter the small shed and fight the alpha croc inside. After killing it, you’ll receive a key. Climb back up and get across the pen to open the office door. Inside, you’ll find the Yaran Contraband chest with the Surf & Turf. Pick it up to complete the “Crocodile Tears” treasure hunt.

Note: If you continue onward with the “Diesel Daisy” operation, you’ll end up in a steel plant where you can grab the El Caballero grenade launcher.

Far Cry 6 Surf & Turf Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt 1

Here are the mods of the Surf & Turf unique rifle in Far Cry 6:

  • Armor-piercing Rounds – Penetrates helmets and body armor.
  • ACOG – 4x mid-range optic with precision target.
  • Extended Mag – Increases magazine size.
  • High Ground – Improves weapon damage to enemies below you.

The Surf & Turf unique rifle in Far Cry 6 is fairly average. The good thing is that it’s got Armor-piercing Rounds so you can make quick work of the elite guards that you’ll encounter.

Far Cry 6 Surf & Turf Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt 2

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