Fear the Batman: WB Games Humble Bundle is now available

Fear the Batman: WB Games Humble Bundle is now available
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Pay no attention to the crumpled body in the background.

As we reported slightly earlier in the day, the latest Humble Bundle features titles from Warner Bros. Games. Specifically, you can pick up FEAR 2, FEAR 3, Lord of the Rings: War in the North and Batman: Arkham Asylum for whatever price you feel is appropriate. If you beat the average pledge (currently sat tantalisingly close to a weed-tastic $4.20 USD) then you’ll also be rewarded with Batman: Arkham City and Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Both of the Batman titles are Game of the Year Editions too, so that means lots of lovely DLC included in the package.

As Tim pointed out in the previous story, any parts of your contribution that you direct towards charity will go to the ‘We Can Be Heroes‘ project which funds the next David Bowie alb … no, it doesn’t do that at all. It actually helps “fight the devastating hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa and bring help and hope to eight million people who are in urgent need of assistance” via Save the Children, the Mercy Corps and the International Rescue Committee. No matter how much you love David Bowie, that’s a rather more important cause.

All of the games will unlock on Steam, and only Steam. So it’s necessary for you to have a Steam account for this one.

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