AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution will soon be supported in over 70 titles

FidelityFX Super Resolution 70 games

AMD is planning for FidelityFX Super Resolution to be supported in over 70 titles. This was announced in a post from AMD’s own community forum celebrating the milestone. It’s certainly an impressive number of titles considering FidelityFX Super Resolution only came out six months ago. This is also great news for anyone who owns an AMD graphics card or for those who hope to get one soon.

It’s a massive increase compared to AMD’s initial promises of support in 40 titles by the end of 2021. But, it’s still a ways off from the number of games that support Nvidia’s DLSS, which is featured in over 100 titles. DLSS has been around for longer to be fair, but it’s still an interesting comparison nonetheless.


What can AMD’s FSR do for you?

Resolution upscaling tech is incredibly useful for most graphics cards when trying to render above 1440p with high frame rates to match. Sure, you can get high refresh 4K gameplay with some titles, but we aren’t all so lucky to have the latest and greatest graphics cards.

Fortunately, users have a growing number of impressive choices when it comes to image upscaling tech these days. There’s DLSS and FSR available right now, but Intel’s XeSS and Unreal Engine’s Temporal Super Resolution will become available options in the near future as well. AMD could also be planning to announce another form of image upscaling soon. Each of these works in different ways, but all have the same general goal of increasing gaming performance with minimal to no visual fidelity costs.

FidelityFX Super Resolution 70 amd games supported 2022

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Regardless of which image scaling tech you choose to use, you’ll likely see some kind of performance boost. But, in terms of FidelityFX Super Resolution, there is some information worth noting. When testing the FSR mod in Grand Theft Auto V, we found that it was able to provide a 12% average framerate boost via the Ultra Quality setting in 4K with no perceivable loss in quality. In testing, Ultra Quality in 4K was indistinguishable from native, but lower quality options were easier to notice and native was arguably better at lower resolutions. The performance boost allowed a GTX 1080 to run Grand Theft Auto V in 4K with medium settings at 60fps. Something it previously was unable to do, which is certainly impressive and proof that FSR is doing something right.

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution is certainly an impressive technology, and it’s exciting to see it applied to over 70 titles. Games that will support AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution in 2022 include Hitman 3, God of War, as well as Forspoken to name just a few. Stay tuned for CES 2022 though, since we may hear about a few more titles and news about FSR at the event.

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