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Welcome to Film News Corner; number one in a series of one, and a useful way to combine two games-n-film stories into a single handy package. Let’s start with by far the more interesting piece of information, which relates to JJ Abrams and Valve.

According to tweets coming from DICE Mr Abrams (director of the Star Trek reboots and Super 8, among many other things) today shared a stage with Valve’s Gabe Newell.

“This is what happens when game and movie people get together. And we sort of reached the point where we decided that we needed to do more than talk. So we’re gonna try and figure out if we can make a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie together,” Newell is reported to have said.

The pair have collaborated before, on a short, interactive trailer for Super 8 that came with Portal 2.

For his part, Abrams stated a desire to work with Valve on a game (so that’s … not really film news, but it’s still relevant.)

Meanwhile, over in the Department of Terrible Ideas, its been announced that Fox International Productions is going to have a go at a new Hitman film, dubbed Agent 47. Nobody really knows why, but the company has taken great strides towards legitimacy by hiring the man who wrote G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and Wolverine to do the script.

Timothy Olyphant (unfortunate star of the previous bad Hitman film) is out, and Fast & Furious‘ Paul Walker is in. Aleksander Bach will direct.

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