September 5th, 2017

Final Fantasy IV journeys onto Steam

final fantasy 4
Not one of the harder boss fights, to my mind, although Kain always was a bit of a game-breaker.

I had no idea this was even planned, but Final Fantasy IV has just hit Steam.

Final Fantasy IV is the first SNES entry in the long-running franchise, and charted the adventures of Cecil, a Dark Knight who has a bit of a change of heart after inadvertently destroying a village under orders from his king. As you’d probably expect, it rapidly turns into a quest to locate the Crystals and save the world, but of far more importance is that this is the game that gave rise to “spoony bard.”

That said, this appears to be the 3D remake of the game which previously hit the Nintendo DS, so it’s got a number of improvements and a lot of shiny bells and whistles. As such, I can’t guarantee this version will actually have the YOU SPOONY BARD line – the script has likely been updated and while that line’s a fan-favourite, it’s pretty obviously one that’d be considered for change.

If you fancy nabbing Final Fantasy IV, it’ll cost you £10.99 on Steam. Now: where the hell is a Final Fantasy VI remake, Square?

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