Final Fantasy Vi Pixel Remaster February Release Date

Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will release via Steam on February 23. Similar to most of the other pixel remastered Final Fantasy games, it is retailing at $17.99 USD. However, those that pre-purchase will get it at 20% off for just $14.39 USD.

This is a remaster of the original 1994 title that originally released exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Back then it was called Final Fantasy III in North America, as the original Final Fantasy II, III, and V were only released in Japan. The previous five installments have already been given the remaster treatment and are available on Steam as part of the Final Fantasy I-VI Bundle.


It isn’t just fresh visuals that come with this remaster. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster also comes with a rearranged soundtrack that remains faithful to the series and had composer Nobuo Uematsu overseeing it. Furthermore, several gameplay aspects, such as the user interface and auto-battle options, have been improved.

Our more artistic readers may also be interested in the extras that are up for grabs. In addition to a bestiary, illustration gallery, and music player, those who pre-purchase will also receive four wallpapers and five additional music tracks. That includes remixes of some of the original’s most iconic music such as “The Decisive Battle” and “Terra’s Theme.”

The bundle is complete

Once Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster releases, the full Pixel Remaster bundle will be complete. After the sixth installment, Square Enix moved Final Fantasy away from pixel graphics and into the third dimension. This wasn’t an overly surprising change given the capabilities in hardware at the time.

Even so, there is something iconic about the look of those older Final Fantasy games. Having the chance to revisit improved versions of them over 25 years later is wonderful. And given that each game’s story can last over 20 hours, that experience is both nostalgic and full of content.

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