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Final Fantasy XII highlights Xbox Game Pass for PC February releases

Slowly but surely.

Final Fantasy has seen a slow rollout onto Xbox Game Pass for PC. Regardless, the train is still chugging along. Though we wish someone would add a bit more coal. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is the fifth game in the franchise to hit Xbox Game Pass for PC. And it will be available in February, along with some other games coming our way.

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Final Fantasy XII won’t be the first out the gate this February, however. That honor goes to Ghost of a Tale, an action RPG game where you play as a mouse. The game came out back in 2018 to positive reviews, and will land on the Xbox service on February 4. Project Winter, an Among Us-like PvPvE game, will also be available that day. An eight-person multiplayer game, Project Winter challenges you to gather resources while figuring out which two players are saboteurs. A third game is also coming on February 4: The Falconeer, an open-world air combat game.

Final Fantasy XII will be available the following week on February 11. According to the announcement post, the game will include enhancements to both graphics and audio, along with tweaks to the “core game design.” Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is basically a remastered version of the base game with a load of additions. It includes various changes, including a new job system, more weapons and armor, a remastered soundtrack, and a new game plus mode. It was released on Steam back in 2018, and is finally making its way to Xbox Game Pass.

Final Fantasy Xii The Zodiac Age Xbox Game Pass Pc February Fight

Not the final Final Fantasy

There are even more games in the Final Fantasy franchise heading to Xbox Game Pass. The question, of course, is when. Back in November 2019, Microsoft proudly announced that nine games were scheduled to land on the service for PC. So far, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, and Final Fantasy IX are available to download. Well, there is also Final Fantasy XV, but you have to pay for it. According to the November list, we still have five more on the horizon. But on second thought, that does include the generally unliked Final Fantasy XIII and its odd sequels. There’s also Final Fantasy X and X-2. Maybe we’re good with what we have (ha ha ha ha ha)?

Check out Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age when it drops onto Xbox Game Pass for PC on February 11.

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